Also is a Swiss holding company, a leader in B2B online sales of ICT product categories - hardware, software and IT services, including all world market leaders. Also's portfolio contains more than 250,000 items from about 550 suppliers. Also Group's focus is on continuously expanding their sales network through distributors from different countries.

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First steps

1. In order to import products from Also in your store, you first need to sign a contract with the company Тhen тhey will provide you with the username and password you will need to install and set up the Also app in your CloudCart store.

2. Any merchant who signs a contract with Also may enter into an additional agreement specifying the categories for which detailed product descriptions and links with more than one photo are to be sent. If you as a merchant do not have such an agreement with Also, there will be categories of products that are imported, but they will not have detailed descriptions, as well as more than one product photo.

The Also application is free, but you pay for the number of imported products that you will place in your store. The first 50 products, no matter which plan you are on, are free. After these fifty a fee is due.

Installation and settings of the module

1. To install the module in your store, log in to your admin panel, from the menu select Apps> All apps> Also> Install.

2. In the window that opens "Also settings", activate the application from the ON / OFF button, enter the username and password provided to you by Also at the conclusion of the contract. If the data is invalid and a "login error" message is displayed, the system will not allow you to proceed.

3. In the field Price column you can choose which prices to work with. Whether the prices of the imported products should be shown with the Dealer price (this price is without VAT) or with the Final price with VAT included.

We recommend that you work with dealer prices and set a specific markup for each category. Increasing the prices of different product categories by different percentages gives you the freedom to be flexible enough in pricing to your end customers.

4. Also does NOT send information about the product quantities, only statuses of the type - Limited/Out of stock/ In stock, without exact values, are received. Therefore, in the following three fields, On hand - in stock/Minimum and On order - out of stock, you can define the number of products for which a product will be considered in stock/with limited quantities or out of stock, upon receiving one of the statuses we mentioned above.

Ex. For product X comes the status "On hand - In stock", in this case, you can enter as a quantity of the product 5 pieces. If the Minimum status for a product comes, you can enter "1", which means that the products with the Minimum status will accept a quantity of "1pc".

4. To save the entered data, click the Save button.

5. The next step is related to the "mapping" of the categories. Or in other words, you need to synchronize the categories of Also with the categories in your store. Select the Map your categories with the Also button.

6. From the Choose the category from Also section, from the drop-down menu you can see all the categories submitted by Also, and on the right are the categories in your store. Choose a suitable one that matches the one in Also.

In order to be able to synchronize the categories, it is good to have created suitable ones in advance, to which you want to add (import) products from the Also catalog. Here you can see a detailed article on how to create and manage product categories.

7. From the field Percentage - set the percentage by which to increase the price of products in this category. The price you set in the previous setting is the one that increases (in our case, this is the Dealer). The dealer price is without VAT, which means that you always have to increase the price by more than 20% so as to generate a profit.

8. Click the Save button to save the settings.

9. In the newly opened window you will see several buttons. Before pressing the button to start the task, let's look at the last two - Also priority and Also interval.

  • Also priority - this means that if you have another 500 tasks in the queue (CloudCart works with tasks and queues, you can track them from Settings> Tasks in the queue), pressing this button can prioritize the execution of tasks from Also by a certain (%) percentage, so that they be executed before some of the others. This is done by purchasing Also priority in percentages. The maximum percentage with which you can speed up the task from Also is 80%.

  • Also interval - as mentioned above, the app syncs all products every 24 hours. However, you can change this by purchasing an additional runtime and shortening the sync time. Here you also have the opportunity to choose from different packages - from 18 to 5 hours.

  • Start job - from this button, you can start the synchronization. Once you do that, the other features will not be visible. A new window will appear:

When the task starts running you will see a progress bar of the execution. This indicates that the application is running and syncing correctly. If you want to go back to the settings again, you must stop the synchronization from the Stop the importing process button.


    When the task completes successfully you will see a message that the import is 100% complete and all products have been uploaded. If there are any that have not been imported successfully, their number will appear in the dark purple box Failed imports (0).

10. After the import is complete from the menu, in the Products section you can see all uploaded products. If a product is no longer available from Also, it will also be removed from your catalog if you have uploaded it.

If the products you import from the Also catalog are uploaded to your store without a photo and descriptions, you need to contact Also to include this option (service) in your account. Then, for each product, you will receive one link leading to the detailed description of the product, as well as one or more links to the different photos of this product.

This information can only be used and uploaded to your site if it complies with the terms of the contract you have entered into with Also.

We would like to inform the users of the "Also" application that the number of imported products may vary depending on the specific settings you have chosen.

- Price Selection: If you have chosen to import the final price of the product, products without a final price will not be imported.
- Status/Quantity Match: If you have entered 0 for a specific status, such as "OnOrder", products with this status will not be imported.

This explains why only a certain number of products can be imported out of the total number of products. Please keep this in mind when using the application. It is important to note that the limitations of the application are based on the number of products that our system reads, not the number of products that are imported.