Where are the Bundles visible, in which sections and how can you make them visible in your store? You will find the answers in this article.  

In this section:

You can add the created Bundles in the product showcases or as modules in pages created with the visual editor. You can also display the bundles on the detail page of each product that is included in one of the created bundles. 

Create showcase with bundle products

We advise you to use product showcases to show your customers the bundle offers you have created. In this way you will clearly distinguish them from the rest of the product catalog and product categories in your store.  

As soon as you create all the bundle offers, go to the section My Store > Widgets > Products in the control panel of your store and find the widget called Product Showcase. Here you can set up your product showcase:

This way, on the home page of your store, your customers will see where they can buy these product packages.  

The bundle image and name are of great importance, so we advise you to upload nice images, which at first glance will explain to the user what the bundle includes.   

Product Bundles on Landing pages

As a merchant you can create Landing pages for variety of marketing purposes. You can attract your customers' attention on the bundles you offer by creating a landing page that show your bundle offers and visualize all bundles at specific sections.  To add a section of bundles on a landing page, go to Marketing > Landing Pages and add the widget Bundles Section.

Product Bundles on a product detailed page

Depending on your business decision and the products for which you will create strategic bundle offers in your online store, you may prefer to make the Bundles to be visible only on the detail page of the products that are included to one of the created bundles. For example, if a customer views one of the products included in a bundle, as an offer on the detailed page of the product he will see the entire package, which he can buy at a discount.  

Product bundles on product listing page

When creating a product bundle, you should keep in mind that if it appears in a product listing (product catalog) it will appear in your store as a product, as one of all other products. That's why it's so important to have the right image for every product bundle you create. When customers open a detailed page of the bundle, they will see the products it contains and the reduced total price.

The value of the discount is visible in the detailed page of the bundle. After clicking on the bundle offer, they really see how much they would save. Only the reduced price is indicated in the product listing, without the old price. 

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