Creating Product Bundles for your online store will help you apply a variety of marketing strategies to your customers and increase your sales. This app allows you to show that buying a bundle of products could be more profitable than buying the products separately.

Knowing the settings you can use through this app and analyzing your product catalogue, you can create product bundles to increase your sales and attract more potential customers to your online store.

Activating and Adding Product Bundles

Enter the control panel of your online store, go to Apps section, choose Product Bundles and click on the Install button
As soon as you install the application, you will automatically be referred to the Products > Bundles section, where you can click Add bundle to create, set up and manage all the Bundles for your online store and product catalogue.

Set up and Manage Bundles

1.  Start with the bundle title and upload an image of it. The bundle will be visualized like a product at your storefront and the products included to the bundle will be visualized on the detailed page of the bundle.

The button Display photo in detailed page does exactly what it states, either the image is displayed or it's hidden, depending on your preference.

2.  Add a description (short description is available, too) for this bundle and write its benefits for your customers if they choose to buy the bundle. 

It is good to describe all the products included in the bundle.

3.  At this step of creating the Bundle, you have to choose the products that you’d like to be included in the bundle.

4.  After selecting all the products you’d like to be included in the bundle, the software will automatically calculate their total cost in the Products Price. You can use the drop-down menu to choose whether to set a new fixed price for this bundle or to reduce its price by a percentage discount.

With the settings above, you can change the total price of the products into the bundle, and this way you’ll show your customers that buying the bundle and not the products separately would be beneficial and discount for them.

If you don’t want to set a fixed price for the entire bundle, you can change the details (including the price) of each of the products added into the bundle. If you change the price of each product in the bundle, the software will automatically calculate and visualize the total cost of the bundle.

5.  Use the settings button on the row of each product, if you’d like to customize:

6. Setting up additional options:

Hide product thumbnail – if you enable this option, the image of the product would not be visualized on the bundle detailed page

Change the title of the product – if you enable this option, you should type a new name for this product and it will be visualized on the bundle detailed page

Change product description – if you enable this option, you should type new description, different from the original one, and it will be visualized on the bundle detailed page

Change product price – if you enable this option, you must fill a fixed new price for this product in the field next to Individual price for a product. This price will not be displayed in the bundle, but your customers will see it in the shopping cart. This new fixed discounted price will be used from the software for calculating the total cost of the bundle.

Individual quantity for product - if you enable this option, you can change the quantity of the product in the bundle. 

Price on detailed page - if you enable this option, the price of the product will be visible in the detailed page of the bundle.

You should note that you are allowed to change the price of the product and discount it manually from here. When there are different prices for the product variations, this function will be unavailable.

7.  SEO and Date range

SEO page title - Write the SEO page title in the input box under SEO Title.

SEO meta description - Write the SEO meta description in the input box.

The SEO title and description preview how your website will be listed in Google search

Date range - Specifies the start and end date of the discount or set no expiration.

Show the Bundles in your store

You can add the created Bundles as widgets to landing pages or as showcases to your home page. You also have the opportunity to display the bundles on the detailed page of each product that is included in your Bundles

If you are using the default widgets included in the design that you have installed for your store, you should enter your store’s Control Panel and find My store Widgets > Products > Products Showcase
and choose one of the Products Showcases to set it with Bundle type of products:
You can attract your customers' attention on the bundles you offer in your marketing campaigns or apply a marketing strategy by creating a landing page that show your bundle offers and visualize all bundles at specific sections. 

To add a section of bundles on a landing page, go to MarketingLanding Pages** and add the widget Bundles Section

Depending on your business decision, your product catalogue, and the strategy for your bundles, you may want to have the bundles visible only on the detailed page of the products that belong to one of the created bundles. For example, if the Jeans product is included into the Bundle named Spring Outfit – BEST OFFER, when a customer enters the detailed page of the product Jeans, he will see the bundle in which the product is included:

The Product in Bundles section is managed from your control panel, at My Store > Widgets > Products > Product in bundles.