Blog articles are the current content on your blog. Every article you post will send a message to your users. When your audience reads a post they really like, they are more likely to share it, drive more traffic to it, come back to your site again and maybe even sign up for a newsletter or place an order. 

Adding a new Article

1.  Go into your control panel > Marketing > Blog > Articles > You would see all of your recent articles:

2.  There you can add an article from the top right corner of the page. Following that action, the new article page would appear and you can start creating content!

3.  First, add the proper title of the article you want to write:
The handle ID is generated automatically, so you can leave it as it is.

4.  Then you enter the actual content of the article

If you plan on adding an image in the article, you can leave 15-20 rows of empty space so the picture is above the text.

5.  The section on the right side of the article allows for adding an Author, Blog Category, an Image, and the Tags.

When you first create your store and enter your name on sign-up, it is automatically taken as the primary account and username to log into your store's control panel. The default system places the name of the store the author of all articles on your blog. If you want to change the author of your articles, you can either change your username or create a new admin.

6.  Enter the article as part of an existing blog category from the drop-down menu.

7.  Add a picture of the article by clicking on Select File.

8.  Use the Tags field to enter tags related to the article.

9.  Enter the SEO title and description in the appropriate fields at the bottom corner of the page.
Example of an article:

Deleting and unpublish an Article

Click on the checkbox located to the left of the article and click on the Tools button.

  • To delete the article, click delete.
  • To unpublish the article, click deactivate. 
  • To publish an article that has been previously deactivated, click activate.
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