In CloudCart Control Panel you can quickly and easily set your store in a way that your customers will be able to see several social networks that will redirect them to your account. You can find detailed information about managing the social networks on your storefront.

If you’d like to have a detailed Facebook banner/window visible on your storefront, you can follow the steps below. This Facebook page plugin allows your customers to like directly your Facebook page but remains on the page of your online store.

To be able to activate a plugin like the one on the image below, you should first make sure you have enabled the Google Tag Manager app. If it's not enabled yet, see how to do it here. Also check if the design you are using comes with a Banner Widget. If those two conditions are met, you can follow the steps below:

1. Enter here. These are terms of use by Facebook, and you have to click on the login button on the top right corner of the page to get the information you need. After logging in with the Facebook account that is managing your Facebook page, you can proceed to the next few steps.

    1.1. Here you should choose the page of your online store

    1.2. This field will be automatically filled concerning the page you’ve chosen on step 1.1

    1.3. You can use all fields below to set the content of the Facebook window.

2. Continue downwards in the Facebook settings to get the code you need.
    2.1.  This field actually shows how you would look at the Facebook window in relation to the settings you made in the previous steps. When you are ready with the settings and you like the vision of the page plugin, just click the button Get Code.


    3.1. Copy this code from Step 1 and paste it in your Google Tag Manager

    3.2. Copy the code from Step 3 and paste it in any desired Source Code in your store.

4. Enter

Google Tag Manager > Container > Tags > Custom HTML Tag
and copy the code from the first field (provided by Facebook) and paste it here:
5. After saving the Step 1 source code into your Google Tag Manager, go to a text field and paste the <Source code> code from Step 3.

6. Click Save


Go to product > Open the desired product > In the Description enter the "Source Code" > place the IFrame from Step 3
Then you would be able to see the IFrame in the Details of the product in question, as such:

Learn how to implement Facebook Conversion API in your CloudCart store here.