One of the best features a SaaS platform can offer is the possibility of pre-coded templates, that can be personalized and easily managed to fit in your needs. In such CloudCart, you too can control those options From My Store > Widgets. There can see and move all of the free-floating pieces that compile your entire front page, your product catalog, your Contact page, and even the blog!

Different Sections

1.  Others
The Widgets within control most text boxes, banners, sliders. header and footer text, promo bar and others. They are named to make it easier for you to navigate through, however, feel free to explore them and decide which ones you would like to enable.

2.  Products
Those Widgets inside are used to control the Product navigation of your Store. From here you would be able to choose how to visualize all of your Product section: including order direction, different filters and products per page. You can check more about the Product Widget here

3.  User
From here you can set up the Newsletter Widget for MailChimp

4.  Blog, articles, and comments
Here you control every aspect of your CloudCart blog. Additionally, you can check the left-hand-side for more control on the matter:
5.  Contacts
The contacts Widget consists of your Google Map and Contact Form. Check out the complete guide Here!

The best thing about the Widgets is that they provide flexibility without the need for any additional page building. However, you have that option as well! You can create a page from scratch through the Landing Pages.