CloudCart always lets you stay informed about all the activities in your online store. Your customers and all the administrators of your store can automatically receive notifications, via email, for specific activities that occur in the store.

From where can I manage notifications?

1.  Go into your control panel Marketing > Omnichannel > Email templates

There, you will see options to disable all automatic emails that are sent to your customers and to you, as the administrator of your store.
2. First, you would see Notifications to customers - If this option is active, your clients will receive an email in all cases related to them and described in the page below.
3. Send notifications to administrators - this option respectively allows for the store administrator will receive an email in the cases described below.

The default setting for all stores has the notifications turned ON. Use the ON / OFF button to disable and enable notifications.

Available automatic email notifications for customers
With the creation of your CloudCart store, you receive predefined email notification templates that are automatically sent to your customers in the following cases:

1. Password reset link
By creating a store on CloudCart, you enable your customers to set their own store password using the Forgot Password option when finalizing an order. By clicking on this option, they will receive an automatic notification with a link to update their password.

2.  Welcome customer
When your customer completes all the details for registering a new account, he receives an automatic greeting message with a link to confirm the registration in your online store.

3.  Order fulfilled
When you process the order and send the delivery products, your customer will be notified that their order is being processed and shipped.

4. Confirm customer email
After registration of your client, he receives an automatic confirmation message for the created account.

5. New order
When a customer has created and successfully paid for an order (with an online payment method), he will be notified automatically that his order has been successfully paid and processed.

6. Order status changed
When you or your Administrator changes the status of an order, customers will be automatically notified of this by automatically sending a notice with the order number and new status.

7. New product added to an order
When you or your administrator adds a product to customer order, the customer is notified with an automated message with accurate information about the product and to which order it has been added.

8. Error with the payment
If your customer is having problems making an online payment at the store and is unable to successfully complete their order with online payment, they will automatically be notified that their order cannot be processed before the payment is successfully completed.

9. Reminder for an abandoned order
When your customer does not complete their order, they will receive an automated email that will include a link to your store in order to finalize the order. This notification will only be received automatically if you have enabled the Auto-incomplete order reminder option in the Settings > Cart and checkout > Abandoned cart reminder section in your store's control panel.

10. Send a download link for digital files
After successfully ordering a digital product, your customers will receive a confirmation email for the order placed and a download link for the digital product.

11. Change customer password
When a customer requests a password change and successfully sets a new password to sign in to your store, they will automatically receive a notification that their password has been successfully changed.

12. Order placed with Bank Wire payment
If your customer chooses Bank Transfer as a way to pay for their order, they will be notified automatically with the details of the order along with the bank details you enter so they can pay for it.

13. Order placed with COD payment (Cash on Delivery payment)
An automatic notification will be sent to any of your customers who successfully add an order with this payment method. they will be informed of the contents of the order and the chosen payment method.

Automatic email notifications available for administrators

We will notify you and your store administrators of all cases below:

1. Change order payment status
An automatic email notification will be sent with the specific order.

2. Change order status
When your administrator manually changes the status of an order or the status is changed automatically, you will be notified automatically with a notification containing the specific order and the change that has been made.

3. Customer Inquiry
When a customer completes the inquiry form and sends it, you will receive a notification email detailing the customer and the text of the completed request.

4. New customer registration
When a customer signs up and successfully creates their own account in your store, you will receive an automatic notification with the customer's details.

5. Adding an order
When a customer creates an order, you will receive automatic notification of the specific order with product and customer information about the customer who made the order.

6. Newsletter Client Registration
When a customer signs up to receive a newsletter, you will receive an automatic customer information notification.

7. Removal of customer registration in the newsletter
When a customer registers with a newsletter removal, you will receive an automatic customer information notification.

8. Create a new admin account
When you create a new admin account for your employee, he will receive an automated email with the login details - username and password you created for them.

9. Administrator Data Change Notice
When an administrator changes their access information - username or email address, you will be automatically notified of this change with the new logged in the access information.

10. Change administrator password
When your Store Administrator changes your password, you will be notified of the change along with your new password information.

11. Notification for out of stock product
If a particular product is out of stock, you will automatically be notified with product-specific information only if the "Track availability" option is selected when you enter the product.

12. The minimum amount reached notification
If a particular product is out of stock, you will receive an automatic notification with product-specific information if the "Minimum Reach Quantity Notification" option is selected when you enter the product.