Customers are all the users that can be potential buyers of your products. Being able to monitor and maintain your customers provides you with not only details on how to improve their experience but also means to expand your store by targeting your products and sales. You can see what options and tools you can apply in the Customers section of your store's control panel by following the guide below.

How do I manage my Customers?

1.  Log into your admin panel > go to Customers
2. There you would see all registered customers in your store.

From the following guide, you can check out how to manually add a customer.

3. Once a customer is registered you can see their information and control it with the Tools button.
The options on the Tools button are straightforward and used to manage your clients as you see fit:

  • Ban this customer - If you have a bad experience with any customers you can quickly limit their access to your store by restricting their account through a Ban. Be careful filling the reason for the Ban, because the customer will receive an automatic email with the information that you banned their account and the chosen reason.
  • Remove ban - Effectively removing the ban for a customer.
  • Delete - Delete a customer permanently.
  • Tag - You can use this option for tagging customers under common criteria. For example Age, gender, or similar product interests.
  • Change the customer's group - Changing their group. It is set to Default if that has not been changed when created.
  • Change password - Choosing a different password. This option should be used only if a customer asks for it.
  • Remove Facebook Messenger subscription - Respectively removing the Facebook subscriptions from a particular customer.

Login to the store in the customer's profile. You can enter your store on behalf of each customer who has a registration and thus finalize or place a new order on his behalf.

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