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If you have a list of customers you want to add to your CloudCart store, you can enter it in a CSV file and then import the CSV file into your admin panel instead of entering each customer individually.  

What is a CSV file?

CSV file: This is a comma-separated values (CSV) that stores tabular data in plain text. By plain text is meant that the file is interpreted as a string of characters so that it is  human-readable with a standard text editor. Each line of the file is a data record. 

By importing, you can easily import much of the information you have collected for your customers from another provider into the CloudCart platform.  

Import customers via CSV file  

1. Log in to your admin panel, Customer section, and click the Import button located in the upper right corner of the screen:
2. In the window that opens, upload the CSV file with the customers you want to upload to your store.
Enable the following option if your file has a header line explaining the columns.  

Additional settings - Select a customer group from those available in your store to add the customers you will import via the CSV file.  

Synchronization of the information 

After uploading the file in the CloudCart system, a new window will open, where you need to synchronize the information from the predefined fields with that contained in the file you uploaded: Name, Surname, Full name, email address, Note, Accept marketing, customer group information.  

Some of your customer information cannot be transferred between different platforms. It is not possible to import order data to or from another store or platform. In addition, it is not possible to import customer addresses and telephone numbers. 

After saving the entered information, the import task is queued and will be started soon. You can monitor the import of data from the corresponding button, as well as from the section Settings > Queue jobs.  

Once the import is complete, all added customers will be visible in the customer's section, along with their email addresses and the customer group to which you have assigned them.  

Exporting customers

You can easily export information about all your customers in CSV format by logging into your admin panel, the Customers section, and clicking the Export Customers button. You can also filter the information you want to export. For example, if you filter your customer list by Customer Group, you will be able to export customers only from a specific customer group.

Once you have a customer base in the admin panel of your store, you can see detailed information about managing your customers in these articles