CloudCart lets you track and document your invoicing, helping you have an objective view of your sales.

Activate Invoicing

Go to your control panel > Settings > Cart settings > Activate Invoicing

In the following article, you can read more about your Invoice settings.

Orders' Invoices

Once you have enabled Invoicing, go to Orders > Invoices and you would see your invoice page there:

 Once you have activeed invoices, they will be displayed as follows:

1.  You can view the Date, Order and Invoice Number, Customer Name, Value, and Download Invoice in.PDF format.

2.  The Filter and Tools features let you find and download specific invoices.

3.  You can view and download all orders for a specific period. Use the calendar in the upper right corner of the page:

*  With the Download all button you instantly receive invoices in a Zip file.