TCS Courier is a courier dedicated to making fast deliveries for the Greek region. With their help you can offer another quick and convinient delivery method for your users.

In this article:


1. To activate TCS Courier in your store, log into your admin panel, go to App section > All apps, and install the TCS Courier application.

After you have selected the app, you will be redirected to the following screen:

Click on the "Install" button to continue.

2. Once you've installed the app, you will be directed to a page where you have to enter your credentials from your contract with TCS Courier. When you sign the contract, you will receive the credentials you need to activate and configure the module in your store (Username and Password). 

All the credentials should be valid to proceed to the settings page. Tap the Connect to TCS Courier button and don't forget to enable the app from the ON/OFF button in the upper right corner of the screen.  

You can access the dropdown menu at the right side of the screen to choose from two types of accounts - "Test Account" and "Real Account". We recommend to enter your test credentials, recieved by TCS Courier company, so you can make sure that every setting is working propperly and 
then you can switch to using "Real Account".


1. In the first section, you can change the name and the logo of the shipping provider by uploading a file from your computer.

2. Choose the Service type to an address - to enable the service, click the ON/OFF button. In this section, from the drop-down menu, you need to select the pricing method for shipping to an address.

  • Fixed price without TCS Courier calculator - When choosing this type of service, you must manually fill in the shipping value according to the order's final price. Here you can add different values for specific price ranges if you choose to. Use the "Add new row" button.
  • Fixed value by weight without TCS Courier calculator - When choosing this type of service, you must manually fill in the shipping cost value according to the order's weight. Again, you can add different pricing values for the different weight ranges. Use the "Add new row" button.
  • Fixed value by price and weight without TCS Courier calculator - this service combines the previous two options. Here you can add pricing values that consider both price AND weight. Again, you can add different pricing values for the different weights and price range combinations. Use the "Add new row" button.
  • Based on other delivery method - choosing this option enables you to pick from your manually added delivery methods (in your store settings).

You can also set a "Fallback price" if you have chosen the option "Based on other delivery method"

For the first three methods it is possible to set different price conditions according to the product category for all service types. To do this, activate the button ON/OFF for this field (shown bellow).

Shipping Regions

In the next section, you can set the regions to which this shipping method applies or choose to apply it globally from the ON/OFF button. If you turn off the button from the drop-down menu you should select specific shipping regions you have created in advance (in our help articles you can find out what Geo zones and Geo polygons are for and how to apply them correctly).

If you choose to use this shipping method only for certain regions it will be valid and visible to customers only for this specific region(s) for which you have chosen to apply. This shipping method will not be visible in the checkout for customers who ordered from other regions.

Payment Provider

In this section, you can choose whether this shipping method is applied globally as it applies to all payment methods you have activated in your store (ON/OFF button) or to be applied only to certain payment methods from the ones you have configured in your store (you can select them from the drop-down menu).  

Settings for receiving the shipment

  • A default weight for one item - enter the default weight for a product. If you have not entered a weight for a certain product, the system will consider the weight specified in this field.

Additional Settings

  • Enable Cash on Delivery - you can enable this option if you want your customers to be able to pay for their orders upon delivery. 

With this final step, you are ready to offer your customers yet another convenient shipping method. To learn more about all the shipping methods and possible settings for your store, please visit this link.