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Smartbill is the most used invoicing and management software in Romania. With this application you can manage everything related to the issuance, delivery, collection of invoices online and sending via e-Invoice. In your CloudCart store, you have a built-in invoicing module, but with the Smartbill app, you have another option that you can take advantage of if you want.


1. First, you need to create an account at You have a 30-day trial period to test the service. 

2. To install the app, go to the admin panel of your store, App section > Smartbill and install it. 

This app requires payment on an annual basis.


After installing the application, you need to fill in the required blank fields in the settings window.


  • Activate - activate the application from the corresponding button
  • Email Address -  here you must enter the email address that you used for registration with Smartbill
  • Token - get the token from your Smartbill account -> My account -> Integrations

Then, scroll down a little bit to the API section where you will find the token.

  • CIF - This is your company's VAT number (CIF in Romanian)
  • Select a series for the documents - here you need to select the type of document you are going to fulfil to your customers. You should pre-generate these documents in Smartbill in order to appear in the drop-down menu in your store.

Go to Smartbill ->Configuration -> seriously

In the settings window in your store admin panel, the current number of documents is presented.

  • A Document language - select your language.
  • Automatic document generation - if you enable this option all invoices will be generated automatically. If the option is disabled you should create invoices manually under the order's detailed page. When automatic generation is active, another option appeared.
  • Create documents only if the customer has entered billing information - this option is active if the previous one is on. Here you must choose in which cases the system should issue invoices - only when the customer has entered billing information or always, regardless of whether this information is available. 
  • Generate a document in SmartBill on order status - here you can choose when the invoices should be created, depending on the order's status

More info about Order Statuses could be find here.

  • Save customer's info at SmartBill - by enabling this option you tell the system to save customers' info in SmartBill
  • Save products info at SmartBill - by enabling this option you tell the system to save products info in SmartBill

When you are done with the settings, hit the 'Save' button.

Marking an invoice in SmartBill 

Once the order is marked as 'paid' you should go to your account in SmartBill -> Documents issued, open the desired invoice and mark it as 'collected'. It means that you have received payment for this invoice.

Fill in the information here and hit the 'collects' button.

When you marked the invoice as 'paid' in SmartBill a green bar appears - 'Received'. It means that the payment for this invoice has been marked as 'received'.

We advise you to test the functionality in your store to see if everything works smoothly.