CloudCart exclusively provides Glovo's courier services of food and many other goods to all customers who want to take advantage of it. Through the integration with Glovo, you will have everything you need to manage both your orders and your deliveries from the admin panel of your CloudCart store. The service is designed to minimize the cost and time of delivery, as well as to give an excellent experience to the recipient and the sender.

In this section:

General settings

1. In order to use Glovo's courier services, you must first create an account and request the service at Logistics for Partner

2. Once you have an activated Glovo account, go to your store's admin panel, enter the Apps section and select Glovo and install the application.

Note that the Glovo app can only work if you have activated "Google Maps" and installed the "Local pick up" app.

The Glovo application works by adding locations, and for each location you need to enter the exact address and working hours. Location and working hours are taken into account during the checkout process and if either is not eligible then that location will not be included in pricing.

The app settings contain locations, and for each location there may be different pricing that is formed based on the distance.

3. In the window that opens, in the first section, you have the option to change the name and logo of the shipping method (it is visible in the checkout) by choosing another file to upload. 

4. Choose the service type to address

  • Fixed price for delivery per km - the price is calculated according to the distance 

  • Fixed price for delivery per km + handling fee - you can also set a processing fee to be added to the final price calculated per km.

  • Fixed price for delivery per km + free delivery - the price is calculated according to the distance, free delivery is possible above a certain amount on the cart 

5. In the next step, you have the option to define which payment methods your customers can use when Glovo is used as a delivery method. These can be all payment methods you have activated in your store or specific ones. 


After you have already installed the "Local Pick up" application, you can define the different locations from which you will send your shipments. They can be linked to one or more Glovo accounts. If each location is to a different account, it gives you more scope for different pricing. 

Enter different locations from which orders will be fulfilled from the "Add location" button. 

Title - fill in the location name (only for internal use)

URL - will be automatically filled in when entering a location name 

Store Address - enter the exact location address

Working hours - enter the working hours of the respective location by day 

On the days when your site is closed, the status button must be disabled - "OFF". By default, the button is off, so be sure to enable it for each business day separately. 

Contacts - in this section you have to enter your e-mail address, as well as the phone number that the courier will receive to contact the location (store, restaurant, cafe etc.), if necessary.

SEO configuration enter an SEO title for your page as well as a short meta description. This location's page could also be publicly visible, so it's a good idea to fill in the required information. 

Once you've entered everything you need for this location, press the "Save" button in the upper right corner of the screen. Enter the rest of the locations, if you have any, in the same way, giving information about the opening hours and the exact address for each. 

  • Pricelist - in order to be able to calculate the delivery based on distance, you need to enter the corresponding parameters in the price list for each location you have created. 

If you want to give free shipping for a given distance, leave the shipping cost field blank.

If you have several locations and one delivers within a radius e.g. of 4 km and the other location within a 2 km radius and the delivery address does not fall within this perimeter, this means that none of the locations will cover this delivery point and Glovo will therefore not appear in the checkout as a possible delivery method.

The system works on the shortest route by calculating each distance. If you have locations whose delivery radii overlap, the app will only calculate which is the closest delivery location and it will be taken into account when forming the price, processing and sending the shipment.

Later, the shipping location can be change, if needed.

  • Connecting to Glovo - From the corresponding button, you can connect each of the entered locations to Glovo by entering the necessary credentials - Public and Private keys. 

The public and private key can be retrieved from your Glovo account. Once you've logged into their portal, go to the Settings -> API Credentials section and click the "Renew credentials" button to generate your required connection keys, then copy and paste them into your CloudCart store. If you have entered the correct data, the connection will be made, if you receive an error message, it means that there is some inaccuracy in the data entry.
If you have different Glovo accounts, get the information from the account that corresponds to the location you want to connect.

After you have entered the necessary credentials, do not forget to activate the location from the ON/OFF button. 

Waybill acceptance settings

1. Cash on delivery - you can allow or disallow cash on delivery for this type of delivery method.

2. Default weight for one item   - if your products do not contain weight information, it will be automatically taken by the system from here. 

3. Order Execution  

  • Automatically on a new order  - every order that enters your online store is also automatically sent to Glovo for fulfilment. Especially useful functionality if you work with several locations and don't have a person to monitor and process all the orders that come in. 
  • Manual order fulfilment - if you have an operator monitoring the orders, you can also use the manual method to process and send the orders to Glovo. 

4. Shipment type

  • FOOD 
  • FOOD WL - food in large sizes (50-100 pizzas, salads, etc.) 
  • GENERIC PARCEL - other types of shipment (non-food) 

Once you finish the Glovo app settings, hit the "Save" button. You are now ready to accept orders to send to your customers through Glovo. 

How does it look in the checkout?

If the delivery address falls within Glovo's delivery radius, this method will appear as a possible choice. 

After the customer selects it and confirms their order, it is automatically sent to Glovo, as we have set such a setting when setting up the application. 

You can also see it in your Glovo account, in the "Ongoing orders" menu, with all the details about it: 

The order is visible, of course, in the admin panel of your CloudCart store, from where you can manage it. If you cancel it, e.g. it will acquire a "Cancelled" status and this will also be reflected in Glovo. 

You also have a tracking link to track the shipment. 

If you want to edit the order, press the button 'Mark as unfulfilled', then 'Fulfill products'.  

You can change the shipping location, but note that you can only choose from those locations that fall within the radius of the delivery address and are during business hours. You can also change the shipment type, payer, shipment weight, and total order amount. After making the desired changes, press "Generate waybill" and the order will be updated and reflected in the Glovo system.

That's all you need to know about integrating and working with Glovo in your CloudCart store.