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Motivation is a modern theme with an attractive and functional design built to meet online business needs regardless of the niche, the number, and the type of products offered. This theme is created with great attention to detail, providing specific features you can’t find in another theme. 

It allows you to change and modify a variety of functionalities. The template is full of features and provides you an opportunity to be creative with customizing your store.

What's new? Accents.

New layout. You have the possibility to visualize the header and footer of your store in several different ways.  

A new outlook of the product catalog. The added options allow you to set the outlook of the catalog in a number of different ways. 

Change of the filters' position. The Motivation theme allows you to position the filters on the left, right, and above the product catalog.  

Header Configuration

You can change the positioning of your logo and of the search bar in the store. In addition, you can choose the type of the menu - whether it be a dropdown, vertical, or a different type of 'mega menu.' 

After you have selected the Motivation theme, from the menu choose My Store, the Layout tab > Header configuration

Outlook 1 - the logo is on the left, the search bar in the store is above the menu. Outlook 2 - the logo is on the left, the search bar is hidden. It is accessed from the magnifying glass icon on the right of the screen. Outlook 3 - the logo is in the middle, above the menu. The magnifying glass icon for searching is on the left of the screen. 

Outlook 4 - the logo is on the left. The search bar is on the right of the screen. 

Menu Type

The next option gives you the possibility to choose the menu type - if it is a dropdown, vertical, or a different type of 'mega menu.' A 'Full width' option has been added for the header and one with which you can make it transparent (for the homepage only). 

Outlook 1 - the social networks bar is positioned at the top. Outlook 2 - the social networks bar is positioned at the bottom.

A new outlook of the Product catalog

Another unique feature you will not find in another theme is to set the outlook of your catalog in two different ways and change the filters' position. 

In the My Store section > Products tab > Product listing settings, at the bottom of the screen you will find the Others section where you can choose how to visualize your products in the product listing. You can choose between two options

Option 1:Option 2:

Change of the filters' position

Filters can be positioned on the left:

Filters positioned on the right:

Filters positioned above the products:

Filter arrangement option

You can arrange the order of the filters in the product catalog by changing the sorting number. The smaller the number, the higher the position of the respective filter. You can find this option on the My store>Widgets> Product listing settings page.

We know our customers' true desires and constantly listen to their feedback. That’s why with the Motivation theme, as our valuable current or prospective customer, we provide you with all the features you really need in your real-life business.