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CloudCart gives you the opportunity for quick and easy integration of a virtual POS (vPOS) from KBC Bank Bulgaria. Through it, your customers will have another option for card payments to choose from in your online store. 

Request for issuing of virtual POS terminal

To integrate this payment method, you must first enter into an agreement with the bank to issue a virtual POS terminal. Once you go through the procedure and being approved, you will receive a personal Merchant ID (MID) and Terminal ID (TID) from the bank, which you will need for the configuration of the payment method in your store.

Please note that in order to receive a virtual terminal, you must have a valid domain, added an SSL certificate, as well as have products uploaded to your site that meet the requirements of the bank.

We also advise you to install the GDPR application, which aims to automatically introduce most of the regulatory requirements. Through the application a few important documents will be installed, which will settle the legal relations with the customers and visitors of your online store.


1. Go to your admin panel, section Settings > Payments

2. From the list of payment methods choose, KBC Bank- Configure.

3. In the Name of the service input field, you can place a text that tells your clients that by choosing this method, they will be able to pay with their debit or credit cards. For example: 'Pay with credit/debit card',

4. In the Logo input field, you can also upload another photo/logo.

5. In the next section, Test mode,  the Live Mode button needs to be deactivated if you want to use the terminal in test mode, in which to simulate making transactions. As soon as you activate the button you will start receiving payments through vPOS of KBC bank from all your clients who have opted to use this payment method. By default, the test mode is enabled. 

6. In the Merchant identification section enter the Identification number of the merchant (Merchant ID) and the terminal number (Terminal ID), which you have received from the bank in the appropriate fields. Save the filled-in settings and open again the application to download the certificate. After downloading the certificate you have to send it to the bank for activation. The downloaded certificate will be saved on your computer as a ZIP file. Based on the certificate you sent to Raiffeisenbank, they will approve your vPOS and you will be able to activate it by switching to live mode. 


Save Customer Card - switch on this option if you want your customers, when paying in your store to have the option to save their debit or credit card, so they can use it for future payments without having to enter each time their card data. In the checkout, the customer's card will be saved for faster completion of the order.

By default, this option is disabled. If you want to use the method with a tokenized card, KBC Bank Bulgaria will need to test and evaluate the usage and enable the functionality in Production Envrironment.

7. URLs - To receive payments and these payments to be able to go through all necessary validations you need to send the bank SUCCESS_URL & FAILURE_URL and NOTIFY_URL*. 



*NOTIFY_URL is mandatory if you have switched on the option to save customers' cards. We recommend you send it to the bank even if you don't use this feature. Besides this, you need to ask the bank to provide you with Card on file for CoF payments, so that your store can keep customers' cards in a sure and safe way.

Login to your account in the Merchant interface of KBC Bank with your username and password. From the menu go to section Terminals and choose the terminal, which you configure. Copy the URL links from the admin panel of your store and place them here in the appropriate input fields. 

8. In the next section, Acceptance of payments based on the amount of the order you can specify a minimum and maximum amount of the order, at which this payment method to be active and visible to the client when he chooses this payment method.

9. In the last section Discount when paying with KBC Bank you can give a certain discount (a specific amount or percent) to your clients to encourage them to use this payment method. 

Credit card payments lower the risk of returning or canceling an order, something which happens often when the client chooses cash on delivery. Besides, the probability for damage of the goods during transportation also has to be taken into account, especially if you sell producst with higher value. That is why we recommend you to encourage your customers to choose card payments by giving them a small discount.

After you fill in and save the necessary data in the input fields, you are ready to make the first test payments in your store. Here you will find a list with test card numbers, which work ONLY in test mode. For validation, date choose month and year, which come after the month you make the test payments. What CVV code you use doesn't matter. 


000 Authorized transaction 4999999999990011

105 Transaction not allowed by the issuing bank 4999999999990029

116 Shortage of funds 4999999999990037

111 Non-existent card 4999999999990045

108 Lost or stolen card 4999999999990052

101 Wrong expiration date 4999999999990060

130 Allowed over expenditure limit exceeded 4999999999990078

290 Issuing bank unavailable 4999999999990086

291 Technical or communication problem 4999999999990094

401 Format error

402 Acquirer/Merchant parameters error

403 Connection with PS source (DS) error 4999999999990102

404 Purchaser authentication error 4999999999990110

405 Signature error

501 Transaction canceled by the user

502 Browser session expired


000 Authorized transaction 5559490000000007

000 Authorized transaction 5559490000000015

000 Authorized transaction 5559490000000023

105 Transaction not allowed by the issuing bank 5559490000000106

116 Shortage of funds 5559490000000114

111 Non-existent card 5559490000000122

101 Wrong expiration date 5559490000000148

291 Technical or communication problem 5559490000000213


000 Authorized transaction 6258148147036936

This is everything you need to do to configure the virtual terminal in your store. After you switch to live mode from the button in the Test mode section, your clients will be able to make payments in your store with this payment method.