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How do I optimize my banners for desktop and mobile devices?

In Marketing > Landing pages, in which designs are inserted, we have provided a 'Carousel' widget, which can show a different image on mobile and desktop. In this way, you can set suitable proportions for the different types of devices. If you need to add only one design (and not a slider), you can select a slider with 1 position: 

Where do I add additional text to the page, which customers see when an order is successful?

To add an additional element from the static pages, you can create a new page and assign it as a Thank You Page. 

1. In the Marketing > Landing Pages section, select Add new page from the upper right corner. 

2. From the open window, you need to select Drag & Drop Page Builder for system pages. 

3. In the next step, you need to select Thank You Page:

4. In the page builder, from the button Add new row choose how to arrange the information. 

5. After that, add a widget to each cell. In the window that opens up, you need to select the Order details widget. Besides this widget, you can also add text, images, etc.  

What are the size requirements for banners and sliders?

We advise you to add sliders with a minimum width of 1920 px, while image height needs to be the same for all sliders to be displayed properly (you should choose the appropriate height for your homepage). Use images with the best possible quality and compress them before adding them to your control panel to lighten the homepage and make it faster. You can have banners of a different size in your store, depending on their priority and location on the page; the important thing about them is to be well optimized with high resolution. 

Also, we advise you to use images in .jpg format, as they are smaller in size than .png, and in this way, your site speed will be optimal. 

You can find more information on the subject in our help guide:

Product Images, Banners, and Sliders