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Over what period does the Gensoft task start? 

The Gensoft task starts every 4 hours. From the Settings > Queue Jobs section, you can check when was the last run and when will be the next one.  

How do I install Facebook Pixel on my store? 

To use Facebook Pixel, you must first install the Facebook Dynamic Ads application. In the application settings, you will find Facebook Pixel:  

More information about the Facebook Dynamic Ads settings you can see here.

Why can't I enable Messenger Chat on my site? 

After you have gone through the steps in this article, How can I enable Messenger Chat? in your Facebook page settings, add the domain, on which the chat is installed. Then, in the domains field set up your store domain, once with, and once without www

Why can't I upload products from my store directly to OLX?

To upload a product to OLX, you first need to connect the categories in your store and their characteristics with those of OLX so that you can upload the products you want in the next step. One of the common reasons you can't upload your products is that you didn't do just that. 

Why does the Polycomp app import fewer products?

CloudCart calculates the number of products it processes from Polycomp regardless of whether they have the status ‘in stock’ / ‘out of stock’ / ‘on the way’ or any other status. In the app’s settings, there is an option to import products with a specific status and from here you can select all products or only those that are in stock. If you select only products that are in stock, only products with the status ‘in stock’ will be imported. We process 50 products from the entire Polycomp catalog, for example, but we choose from these 50 products only those that are marked with the status ‘in stock’, so it is likely that the imported products will be fewer than 50. The imported products will certainly be 50 if you select all products from the option to import products.