One of our prize accomplishments is the convenient and fast Checkout, through which users do not waste time in annoyingly entering personal information and delivery address when completing an order. To this end, we use Google Autocomplete, where the address is automatically entered by Google so as to reduce the time required to fill in the fields, eliminate the possibility of misspelling the address, and thus facilitating the consumer's desire to own the goods from your online store. Essentially entering a street address and selecting the suggested Google street, country, city, area, zip code, and more, are filled in automatically.

Unfortunately, on July 16, 2018, a new Google Maps Platform pricing has come into force, which you can find here: Google Maps Pricing.

What does that mean in practice?

As of September 1, 2018, CloudCart is restricted to providing this service, which means that in order to continue using it, you need to create your own API Key that will calculate the consumption of information provided by the Google Maps Platform to your account.

How do I get started?

1.  Generate an API Key following this guide: Get an API Key

*  Each store will receive a $ 200 per month credit for using the Google Maps Platform in your Google Account. In our estimation, this will be sufficient to cover the number of addresses entered. You can make an estimate of your monthly consumption from this link: Pricing Calculator

2.  Once you generate your API key, go into the admin panel of your store > Settings > Cart and checkout > Miscellaneous > Google Maps API key > Place the key in the empty field.

*  You Google Maps API key, in order for your checkout to functional optimally.

Important: Once you have retrieved the key from your Google Account, you need to activate the requested APIs in order for the Map to work properly. You can find the needed APIs within your account > Navigation Menu > APIs & Services > Library > Maps > View all. Here are the ones you need to enable:

*  Directions API
*  Geocoding API
*  Geolocation API
*  Maps JavaScript API
*  Places API
*  Roads API

As online merchants, you have made sure that in order to have a smooth online shopping experience, you need to get into your customer's shoes and offer them a convenient way to complete their orders. Therefore, we recommend that you study the new Google Maps Platform in detail in order to maximize your sales. It is important for us to facilitate the merchant-client relationship and keep you informed of any news along with the partners we work with. If you need help with your Google Maps Account, you can always turn to Google Support.