What we are going to change?

A few months ago we told you that we will remove an obsolete and unused section in your online store, namely the page with all your products in one place, the address: https://mystore/products. With this small change, we make it easier for search engines to understand your website more easily and not overload it by crawling it unnecessarily.

This way, search engines will focus on the really important pages on your site, and customers will get the best customer experience, which in turn will increase the chances of buying. 

The change will not affect the visualization of the products in your store, on the contrary, the focus will be on the categories and collections you have created and the active use of different types of product filters, which allow consumers to narrow down their product choice according to their personal preferences.

What do you get? 

Less busy and better working modern online store with perfectly optimized pages. So far, the ”/products section” has indexed multiple pages with an equal weight of important URLs (categories, manufacturers, collections, etc.), leading to their cannibalization, which is why we are removing this outdated path, which combines your products into one inefficient address. These and other improvements we make will lead to better indexing of your store and more sales.

What do you have to do? 

If you use the URL described above in your navigation menu, banners, sliders, images, text boxes, or in your ad campaign (Social Networking, Google and Email Marketing), you can replace it with one of the following examples: 

Change section Products:

You can replace the / products link with a new collection that brings together products from all your categories. See the article in our Help Center where you can create your collections.

Change your Products menu into a non-clickable button, expand the list of all categories, including your product catalog. This would lead to greater control of the action by the customer. 

After the described change, your categories and collections will be significantly more clickable. That is why in order to improve their indexing it is necessary to add meta title and meta description in their details from the control panel.

If you do not follow these steps, the “/products section” will be automatically redirected to your homepage. 

The amendment is effective from 15.09.2020.