NETOPIA MobilPay is a Romanian payment service provider that facilitates payments, offers safe transfers and supports the efficient growth of online sales. As a merchant, you can accept credit/ debit cards and electronic payments by integrating Netopia on your website. Offer to your customers the advantage and convenience of NETOPIA MobilPay payment services.

Register your company

To integrate this payment method on your website, you must first create an account on the NETOPIA site Once you have completed all the required fields such as information about your company and the type of business you have, follow the described steps below to complete the process.

Please note that in order to use this payment service, you must have a valid domain, an added SSL certificate, as well as have products uploaded to your site that meet the requirements of Netopia MobilPay. 

We also advise you to instal the GDPR application.

Settings of your NETOPIA account

1. After the registration you will receive a username and password. Log into your NETOPIA account, from the menu bar choose Admin, from the drop-down menu, select Seller accounts.

2. Click on the Add button in the upper left corner and enter the required information in the opened window.

4. In the next step from the menu bar choose Implementation, from the drop-down menu, select Test the implementation.

5. After that, next to Implementation, choose Admin > Seller accounts. Select your account and click on the edit icon (3).

6. From the menu of the newly opened window choose Security settings. Copy Seller account ID  and download the Test Public Certificate and Test Private key that you need to enter later in the admin panel of your store. 

The last step in your NETOPIA account is to to take the Real Public Certificate and Real Private key

The steps for obtaining the Public Certificate and Key are the same as for obtaining the test ones, except that you musn't go to Implementation > Test Implementation.

7. Instead, go back to the main menu and select Seller accounts from the drop-down menu of Admin. Select your account and click on the edit icon 

8.  From the menu of the newly opened window choose Security settings. Download the Real Public Certificate and Real Private key that you need to enter later in the admin panel of your store. After you have completed all the steps above, go to the admin panel of your store.

Configuration of NETOPIA in your Admin panel

1. Log in to admin panel of your store, from the menu choose Settings > Payments.

2. From the list of payment methods, select NETOPIA MobilePay - Configure.

3. In the Name of the service field you can put a text that suggests to your customers that by choosing this method they will be able to pay with their debit or credit cards. Example: "Credit / debit card payment"

4. In the Logo field, you also have the option to upload another photo/logo.

5. In the next section Test mode, the Live mode button must be deactivated in order to use NETOPIA in a test environment in which to simulate transactions. As soon as you activate the button, you will start accepting payments from all your customers who have chosen to use this payment method.

6. In the Settings section, enter the Seller account ID you have taken from your NETOPIA account into MobilPay Merchant ID field and upload the files of Test and Public certificates and keys in the appropriate fields.

7. In the next section Acceptance of payments based on the amount of the order, you can set a minimum and maximum order amount at which this payment method is active and visible to the customers when they choose this payment method.

The minimum amount for transaction processing through NETOPIA MobilPay is one unit ($1, €1).

8. In the last section Discount when paying with MobilPay you can give a discount (specific amount or percentage) to your customers to encourage them to use this payment method.

Card payments reduce the risk of returning or cancelling the order, which is common when the customer chooses cash on delivery upon receipt of the goods. In addition, the possibility of damage to the goods during transport must be taken into account, especially if you are selling higher-value products. Therefore, we recommend that you encourage your customers with a small discount to choose card payments .

Payment status and Refund

From the main menu in the Orders section, you can track the status of each transaction.

1. From the list of orders placed in your store, select the one whose payment status you want to track. From the View more button, you can also see detailed information for the specific payment. 

2. If you have a rejected order and you need to make a reversal of the card operation you can do that from your NETOPIA account from Orders section in the menu.