The B2B Store application is great for business models focused on B2B (Business-to-business). By installing it, you can set up a branded wholesale store to sell only to registered and validated users like your business customers/ partners you work with. 

You can upload B2B products with custom prices and percentage discounts that would be valid and visible only to business customers approved by administrator to browse through your store.

Tip: Set your prices according to the different Customer groups. Setting different discounts - fixed or percentage of specific products/ product categories/ manufactures/ collections for your different customers is possible by creating a Global Discount. 

Once you have determined the value of the discount and which products it applies to, you can also select the customer groups. See how to create them from here. 

To install the application, you need to log into the Control Panel of your store, Select from the menu bar Applications> B2B store and click the Install button.

    1. The first option allows you to choose whether the content to be visible only for registered customers. If the user has not logged into his profile he will be redirected to the login page. If you enable this option, unregistered users will not be able to see any information on your site before registering.  

    2. With the second option, you can set to manually approve newly registered users that will have access to your business catalogue. When an account is approved it will be notified by email. Additionally, you can edit the email template from here.

    3. The third option allows you to choose from the drop-down menu pages your customer will have access to even without registration. 

Tip: You can create a landing page to inform your users what are the steps before they are approved or registered. If you are planning to mannualy approve each registration it might be a good idea to give an approximately timing for approval and how they will be notified.