In this article you will find all the functionalities related to the Orders from Settings > Cart & Checkout, where you can control what are the predefined fields that your customers need to fill in to finalize an order.

1. Abandoned cart reminder - If you activate this option, all customers whose orders remain unfinished for more than an hour will receive an automatic email with a notification and a link to their incomplete order.

2. Send abandoned cart reminders via  - Select the communication channel to remind your users of their abandoned carts. We strongly recommend that you select only one reminder method.

3. Send abandoned reminder in (minutes)  - Select the time after which the first abandoned order message will be sent. We recommend that the interval between abandoning the order and the reminder message be at least 60 minutes.

4. Ask for a shipping address for digital products  - If you sell digital products, activate this option in case you want your customers to fill in a delivery address.

5. Automatically select the shipping option if it is only one   - If there is only one supplier (one activated courier service in your store) and it returns only one delivery price, activate this option to enable this delivery method. delivery to be selected by default. This saves one click for your customers.

6. Minimum amount for an order   - Here you can set a minimum value for order completion. If the value in the cart is less than recorded in this field, the user will not be able to complete his order.

7. Maximum product quantity of a kind per customer  - Here you can set the maximum purchase quantity for one product. For example, if you fill in the field with 3, your customers will not be able to order 4 pieces of the same product.

8. Maximum cart quantity of a kind per customer  - if you wish you can set the maximum quantity of the products in the cart that can be added in one order if the nature of the products you offer requires it.

9. When the total quantity of a product decrease, send me an email  - If you enter a value, the system will automatically inform you by email when a product being tracked has exhausted its quantity below the number you specified.

10. I want to decrease product quantity when the status is  - this functionality allows you to set a rule for when to automatically reduce the quantity entered for your products.

  • Pending / Fulfilled- If you select this option, the number of your products will be reduced the moment customers place an order with the respective products. Even if the chosen method of payment is by bank transfer or cash on delivery (that is, you still do not have payment immediately after the order), the number of products in the order will be automatically reduced.
  • Paid / Fulfilled - If you select this option, the number of products in the order will be reduced when you process the order and enter it to fulfill the products. If the order is paid online, the number of products in the order will be reduced immediately.

11. Choose a default shipping type (optional) - If the delivery method you have set for your store has more than one type (for example, to courier office or/and customer address), use this option to select the default delivery type. The delivery type you select here will be redefined and selected by default for each customer who finalizes an order.

12. Choose a default shipping provider (optional)   - If you have more than one delivery method activated, use this option to select which of the active courier services to be redefined (selected by default for each user) in the checkout.

13. Choose a default payment provider (optional)  - If you select a default payment method, when finalizing the order (in the checkout) this payment method will be selected for each user.

14. Order number - choose from the drop-down menu which number your customers should see - System number or A string of numbers and letters.

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