Your store was originally created with a specific design, which is everything customers see and use in your store - colors, product placement and sections, and functionality. CloudCart not only offers you a large selection of ready-to-go designs but also the ability to change all the features, properties, and widgets of the design you have already selected. Setting up the User widget allows you to personalize your Newsletter, so it goes well with your chosen design.

Setting up your Newsletter

1.  In order to do the setup Go into your control panel > My Store > Widgets > User
2. Within the Widget, you would see the following settings:
3. From this page you can choose the following options:

  • Turning ON/OFF the Newsletter (MailChimp) - Enable/Disable the newsletter.
  • Newsletter title - The name of the newsletter.
  • Description - Respectively the description of the newsletter.
  • Showing the form at the footer - Activate a simple newsletter form that will be visible at the bottom (footer) of your page.
  • Automatically display - This is the other option for displaying your newsletter. Once enabled, the newsletter sign-up form will open automatically on your store page as a pop-up window:
  • Delay (Seconds) - If the Automatically display option is enabled, this option allows for you to choose, how many seconds may pass before the newsletter is displayed on your site.

You should configure this module if you have enabled the MailChimp application in your store. Here you can read the article describing why it is important to activate this application and how it can help your online business.