CloudCart Quantity synchronizer is an app, which allows you to synchronize your product catalogue between all active stores in your account. You may find this functionality useful if you work in more than one market with different language versions but ship your products from one warehouse. In this case, it is imperative that all the quantities in the various stores be synchronized in real-time in order for the number of your products to be correct, this is where the CloudCart synchronizer comes in and assists accordingly.

How do I install the App?

1. Go into your admin panel > Apps > All Apps
2. Then choose CloudCart synchronizer and install the app.
3. Once installed, the App would appear as such:

Important! To sync stocks in all your stores, it is mandatory to install the CloudCart Synchronizer application in each of them! 

Compare by - This option in the app lets you choose the criteria by which the products are compared. The options are Barcode, SKU, or a combination of Barcode and SKU.

In order for the application to function and for all products to be synchronized, the option "Quantity tracking" for each of the products must be included.

Choose all the stores that you wish to be synchronized - You need to select the stores where you want sync to start. In this option, you will find all active stores in your CloudCart client account.

All stores selected in this option will sync their inventory in real-time.

If you want to remove a store from the process, you need to uninstall the application from the store in question or log into the application at another store and manually remove the particular store from the application.

* The process starts in real-time for all added stores, after activating the "ON / OFF" button and selecting the Save and sync button.

This is all you need to enable synchronization between your stores and respectively their product catalogs.