CloudCart Enables You to Manage Product Availability with New Functionality - Inventory! With it, you can easily:

*  You change the number of individual products in your store with a single click!
*  Track which products run out faster, in order to prioritize their availability
*  Keep an eye on all the products and manage your store significantly faster

Managing Inventory

1.  Enter your control panel > Products > Inventory

2.  Once you've clicked on the menu, you will see the listing of all your products:

3.  Products, Availability, and Quantity

*  Products - On the left you can see all the products in your store, each version being exported as a separate product for your convenience:

Important: Only products with the Track Inventory feature activated, are displayed in the Inventory section!

*  Availability and Quantity - Here you can see the status of the product, and what option is set when Out of stock. In addition, you can see the quantity of a product and its dynamic change.

*  Change Quantity - Lastly, from the rightmost option, you can Add or Replace the quantity of a product with the desired quantity


You can also control the status and quantity of products through the tool button just above the products

*  Continue / Stop selling when sold out - Lets you change the status of all branded products with just one click

*  Change Quantity - A new window will open allowing you to change the quantity of all products marked

Important: The main difference between changing the inventory and the product itself is convenience.

This tool lets you easily maneuver your store and business! Feel free to check out all the other product features created for your convenience here!