ProFics is an app available to be installed in your CloudCart store. The company that developed ProFics is Tetra Pro with 15+ years of experience. Using this app will help you solve your fiscalization needs for the Albanian market.

Fiscalization, as described on the ProFics website, is a set of measures used to reduce tax evasion in transactions with and without cash. In the fiscalization process, all transactions (invoices) are reported in real-time to the Tax Administration. For the purpose of identifying and tracking each transaction, each invoice is given a unique invoice identification number (NIVF). This new system will create a mechanism for real-time monitoring of fiscal devices that operate with cash and those without cash.

More information for ProFisc can be found on their website:

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In your store go to Apps > ProFisc and select the application.

1. Enter your Username (you receive it by ProFisc).

2. Enter your Password.

3. Select a country. You can choose from:

  • Albania
  • Greece
  • Macedonia
  • Kosovo
  • Montenegro
  • Italy

4. Select a seller - here you should pick Tetra Solutions.

5. Select object - choose the object from the dropdown.

6. Electronic cash register (TCR) - Choose the electronic cash register that applies.

7. Automatically send invoice - activate this switch if you want to send the invoices automatically.

8. Click the "Save settings" button.

Manually sending invoices

If you leave the switch for "Automatically send invoice" to the "OFF" position you will have a button in your orders settings that allows you to send the invoices manually.

In case you have turned off the automatic sending of the invoices, for each order that is paid, you will have the option to send the invoice manually via the button shown bellow.

After an invoice is created, it will be added to the history of the order (directly shown bellow the order window). If there is an error in the orders history you will also find a link to the invoice.

Now you are ready to use ProFisc in your store.