This metric visualizes the total number of orders for a given period. You can set a specific period and compare it to the previous period/year.

The graph visualizes data according to the selected period - hour, day, month, or year.

The data for the total number of orders is visualized according to the statuses you have set in "Settings". 

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  • A graph shows the number of orders for each specified period. Periods can be quickly selected using a dropdown - today, yesterday, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, month, year, previous month, or previous year. You can also apply a custom filter based on the customer's desired specific period. 

  • Orders are sorted by the date and time of creation. Each row displays detailed information about the order, including the total product amount, any applied overall discounts, VAT, additional fees, delivery cost, and the total order amount.  

  • Selecting the order number will open a new tab displaying the entire order. 

The displayed records in the "See details" section are limited to 1000. If you have more records, you can export them using the respective button. Exported data is limited to 150,000 records.


You can export this data using the "Export" button in the screen's top right corner in the "See details" menu.