Customer groups help you segment your audience and manage your marketing activities better. In this article, you will learn how to automatically assign a user to a customer group once he has registered based on his email domain. The specific example we will use is how each registered customer whose email ends in falls into the 'cloudcart' customer group.  

In this section:

Create a customer group

Log into the admin panel of your online store and go to the Customers > Customer groups section, and from the Add customer group button, create the CloudCart customer group. 

Create a segment

Go to the Marketing > Campaigns > Segments section. From the Add segment button, add a new segment. Press the Add condition button and select Subscribed for channel - Is - Emails, then from the Add condition button again select Contains - Ends with - 

The segment thus created will segment all current and future subscribers whose email ends in 

Start a campaign

Then create an automated marketing campaign by going to the Marketing > Campaigns section, selecting Campaigns from the menu and clicking on the Create campaign button in the upper right corner of the screen. For more information on automated campaigns, see here.

1. Set a title of your choice, the name of the campaign is for internal use only. 

2. Select the segment you have created in the previous step. All users who take part in this segment will be included in the campaign and will be assigned to the CloudCart customer group.

3. Set the following step in the campaign:  

  • Execute action - users in the segment will fall into the customer group right after the condition is met
  • Action's type - the action is for customers to be assigned to a specific customer group
  • CloudCart - indicates in which customer group the users from the segment will fall into

Press the Save campaign button to save your changes and then Start campaign to start it.

You have the ability to automatically assign a user to a customer group after he has registered based on his email domain by creating an automated campaign with the CloudCart Marketing Suite by first creating a segment with users whose emails end in the respective domain in this case,