Discount code PRO is an upper level of the regular discount codes. It enables merchants to be more effective and successful with their marketing activities. With this promotional code, you can generate multiple promo codes with numerous conditions and simultaneously, based on that functionality to have specific conditions for specific codes. 

This functionality is available only for merchants on Enterprise and Enterprise Plus subscription plans.

Adding a discount code (PRO)

To navigate to the discount code PRO go to your admin panel, Marketing > Discounts section > hit the Add discount button > Discount code PRO.1. Create a discount name - first, you need to fill in the discount code name and hit the "Add discount" button. This name is only for internal usage. 

2. Then you have two options - to create a new discount code or to generate multiple codes for this discount.

  • A new discount code - The purpose of creating a single discount code is to give, for example, an additional discount in the form of free shipping to the products you will offer at a discount. In this case, enter the name of the discount (free shipping) and generate the discount code. You can select the discount to be applied even if the cart contains products with a discount. This means that the discount will be applied to the already discounted price. The second option is to apply the discount to the original price of the products if the discount you are creating is higher. 


In the next step, you can decide whether the discount is to be applied only to registered users or to anyone. You can also choose whether to apply the discount to all customer groups or select specific ones. The same applies to regions, you can choose to make the discount global or apply it only to specific regions

In the next section, you can specify the start date and the end date of the discount or set no expiration.

Discount limits - here, you can set the number of times a single user can use the discount. 

Discount limit for customer - the maximum number of times a specific customer can use a discount. 

Discount type - in this section, you can set multiple conditions for the discount. 

- The first condition is - Discount type: Free shipping; Discount target: for orders over 100 EUR;

When selecting "Orders over" you have an additional option.

Save the discount in the order: If the option is enabled and when editing an order in which this discount is involved and the conditions are not met, the discount will not be removed.

- The second condition is - Discount Type: % discount; Discount target: Product category - audio players; And minimum product price 500 EUR.

You can have up to 5 conditions. When you have two or more different conditions, all of them will be applied. Unlike other types of discounts, where the highest applies, here with Discount Code PRO, all conditions apply when there is more than one condition. With one promo code, you can apply multiple different discounts simultaneously. 

In the checkout, this would look like this:

  • Generate multiple codes -select the generation type. These can be randomly generated codes or a range. If you choose a range you can generate up to 5000  promo codes. The system won't let you continue forward if you enter a bigger number. In the appropriate fields, enter the number from which the code generation starts and the number where it ends. 

If you choose random code generation, you need to specify the number of codes you want the system to generate, and the number of characters, and select whether the codes should contain letters and/or numbers.

The rest of the fields you see are the same as when creating a single promo code. See above. Here again, you can create different conditions for each code. Once you're done, press the 'Codes generation' button in the top right corner of your screen to save the discount you've created. 

See how to create other types of discounts in this section of our Help Center.