With the BumpCart app you can encourage your customers to reach a pre-set amount of their order by giving them a discount when they reach it. Based on the amount you set, the system will offer appropriate products to customers so that they reach the goal and take advantage of the pre-determined discount. 

Discount for order over EUR 200

Step 1: Define the goal

  • After installing the app, select 'Discount for Order Over' from the drop-down menu. If you have not created discounts on the total of the cart, you can do this from the the 'here' button. If you already have one, select it from the drop-down menu. 

The discount you need to create is shown in the photo below.

It must be of type Amount or Percentage and discount target should be for orders over a certain amount, for example, EUR 200. Until the customer has not reached this amount in his cart products will be displayed according to your chosen criteria, as well as an inscription which indicates the value of the products he must add to take advantage of the discount. 

Step 2: Edit the title

  • You have the ability to edit the system text of the inscription, which tells the customer product of what value he must add to the cart in order to take advantage of discount. In the screenshot you will see the possible variables: 

In the store the title will be displayed as follows:

Step 3: Choose which products to display

  • Filter the products by category, manufacturer, specific or related products. Here are selected products from three different categories:  

Step 4: Filter the products

Step 5: Sort the products

  • You have the ability to sort products by multiple criteria as shown below: 

Step 6: Determine an amount to reach the goal + X in %

  • If the user has EUR 50 left until he reaches the set amount for a discount and you choose 50%, he will be shown products worth no more than EUR 75. Enter the desired percentage.

Step 7: Indicate the number of products shown

  • Specify how many products should be offered by the app, for example, 4. 

Step 8: Show a redirect button

  • If there are no products that meet the display criteria, you can enable a button that takes the user to a page that you want. 

Step 9: Save your settings

  • After clicking the Save button, you can test the app with a real product. Here is what the checkout looks like with the settings applied above on the storefront of the store: 

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