One of the main goals you can achieve through the BumpCart app is to increase the average order value. To do this you need to define in the settings what value you want the order to be and then on this basis, the app will offer your customers during the checkout process products until the desired value of the order is reached. The app allows you to select the products that will be displayed according to multiple criteria for maximum results. 

Target Order Amount of 100 EUR

Step 1: Choose a target

  • After installing the app, select Target amount at the cart from the drop-down menu. In the field enter the value of the order you want to reach, in our case - 100 EUR: 

Step 2: Edit the title 

  • You have the ability to edit the system text of the inscription to draw the customer's attention to certain products so as to increase the value of his order. You can use the sample text below: 

           Here is how the title is displayed in the store:            

Step 3: Choose which products to display

  • Filter the products by category, manufacturer, specific or related products. Here are selected products from three different categories: 

Step 4: Filter the products

  • You can filter products by one or more criteria - all products, new products, featured products and/or products on sale

Step 5: Sort the products

  • You have the ability to sort products by multiple criteria as shown below: 

Step 6: Determine an amount to reach the goal + X in %

  • If the user has 61 EUR left until he reaches the target amount at the cart and you choose 50%, he will be shown products worth no more than 91.50 EUR. Enter the desired percentage. 

Step 7: Indicate the number of products shown

  • Specify how many products should be displayed in the cart by the app, for example, 5. 

Step 8: Show a redirect button 

  • If there are no products that meet the display criteria, you can enable a button that takes the user to a page that you want.  

Step 9: Save your settings

  • After clicking the Save button, you can test the app with a real product. Here is what the checkout looks like with the settings applied above on the storefront of the online store: 

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