Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to increase your sales and promote your brand. This type of marketing is the so-called affiliate marketing and is based on cooperation between merchants who sell online and site owners (webmasters) who place links of the merchants' websites on their sites. 

This marketing is result-oriented, which means that if let's say you have an online clothing store or other type of goods and you want your products to be promoted, then the affiliate (in this case the Profitshare platform) through various marketing tools such as remarketing, promotion through content, promotion on social networks, in pay-per-click campaigns, advertise your products. And you, as a merchant, owe him a commission for each realized, based on this promotion, sale. 

Affiliate marketing is extremely cost effective. Unlike some other advertising channels, in this type of marketing you pay only after you have received the desired results, namely sales. 

Installation and settings

As a CloudCart store owner, you can take advantage of the opportunity for full integration with the most advanced affiliate marketing network, actively involved in the development of online commerce in Central and Eastern Europe - Profitshare.  

1. To do this, go to the admin panel of your store, section Apps > All apps > Profitshare. Before installing the application in your store, you need to create an account as an advertiser in Profitshare. You can do it directly from the button in your admin panel shown in the photo below:  

2. Once you have registered with Profitshare, you can install the application in your store from the Install Application button.  

3. In the window that opens, first select which products to contain in the XML feed that you will provide to Profitshare for advertising. These can be all your products from the store, products only from certain categories (it is possible to select more than one product category), products from a certain manufacturer, specific products, products with certain tags, or specific product collections.  

4. In the following sections, you can filter the products according to their availability, i.e., whether to include all products or only those that are available. You also have the option to include hidden products from your store.  

5. We encourage you to add UTM tags that allow you to analyze the results of clicks generated from the product catalog (feed). UTM tags are add-ons (parameters) to a URL that are used to exchange additional information without changing its primary purpose - to point to an Internet resource.  

6. In the section for additional settings (Other parameters), you need to enter the following parameters:  

  • JavaScript- this is the cookie conversion code you can get from Settings > My Account> Tracking in your Profitshare account.  

  • Advertiser tracking code - is also located in your Profitshare account in the tracking section below Cookie Conversions.  
  • Encryption key - is also in your Profitshare account, again in the tracking section.  
  • Cod Click -you will find this code in the Settings > My Account> Settings> Custom Profitshare variables section. 
  • Encryption algorithm - You can see the type of encryption algorithm in the Settings > My Account > Tracking section of your Profitshare account.  

7. Once you have entered all the required parameters, click the Save button to generate the XML feed. You need to wait a while until the link is ready, then copy and paste it into Profitshare.  

You will see information about the number of products that will be included in your feed, as well as the number of products that your plan allows. If the number of products contained in your Feed is higher, you can increase your quota from the corresponding button. (The button is visible only if the number of products that the feed has to generate exceeds the number of products included in your package).

500 products are included for the StartUp plan, 2,500 products for the Business plan and 10,000 for the Enterprise plan.

 Activity status gives you information about whether the application is active. If for some reason the application has stopped working, a reactivation button will appear, from where you will be able to start it again.

8. Go to your Profitshare account, Settings > Other settings section, and paste the copied feed in the CSV URL field. Select the start time for the import and click the Save button.  

Your product feed is updated every 12 hours. 

Once the information is extracted from your feed, you will see all the products that have been uploaded and that will be sold through Profitshare in Promotional Mediums > Product List.  

This is all you need to do to successfully connect your store with Profitshare and take advantage of affiliate marketing opportunities.