CloudCart has it's very own email system that offers the merchants the possibility to have emails connected with their domain name!

How can I create an email account?

1.  Go into your control panel > Settings > Email > Create new email account

2.  Afterward, please choose the domain wish and proceed to create the email account of your choosing. Take note of the quota and the pricings.

3.  After you hit Submit, your email account would be created and visualized accordingly. You would be able to control all settings right away.

4.  To go into your mail account, just click on Webmail and you would be redirected to the email login page:

5.  Then inside of the mailbox functions the same way as most email accounts so it would be quite intuitive.

Additional Settings

1.  You can increase the quota of your email through the Quota menu. The price of the service is determined by the desired size of the mailbox.

2.  You can set up your emails so they can be used through third-party email applications, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, MacMail. In addition, you can configure your emails to redirect to your phone or tablet. In both scenarios you would need to use the exact settings below:

SMTP server address:
SMTP server port: 587
SMTP connection security: starttls
IMAP server address:
IMAP server port: 143
IMAP connection security: starttls

*  You can find them yourself in the Add DNS Records menu of your email account.

Lastly, if your domain has been purchased from CloudCart and you need to do an additional set up, please don't hesitate to check out our Domain & SSL section.