The StartUp plan is the best opportunity for each merchant wanting to get into the online business game! The plan includes all the fundamental functionality that you would need to start successfully selling online. Additionally, the plan is free until you hit your first $ 1,000 in revenue! Without any risk or the need for a credit card!

Test Mode

1.  After registering and entering your admin panel, your plan is in Test Mode. You would get that confirmation by the red stripe on the bottom of your panel. This is how it looks like:
2.  After you are done with building and testing your store, click on the button Start accepting orders from customers. Afterwards, you would see the following confirmation window:

Warning: Pressing the button "Yes I am sure", you will irreversibly leave the test mode (Sandbox) and start selling online! Please note that if you continue with that, all of your orders and customers, that have been made so far, will be deleted.

Creating test orders

1. Before you start selling, you can make as many test orders as you want. This is done so that you can continue to test your store without losing the $ 1,000 you were initially given. This will allow you to use your store for free until you reach this $ 1000 in the form of orders, once you have switched into a real environment and started accepting real orders.
2. To make a test order, upload the desired products, then go to the storefront of your site, and complete the order.

Warning: Remember, the email with which you complete the test order must be the same one that you've used to register your store.

Example: If your store is registered with email:, only with that email, you would be able to complete the order, otherwise, you would receive this message:

Whenever you are ready to get started, just click on "Start accepting orders from customers" and jump right into selling online!