In this article, you would be able to explore some of the modules that hold the properties of all designs. You can easily change them to your liking and achieve a personalized vision of your store!

Your Store has been initially created with a template and theme. Both the template and the theme determine the way your store is shown to your customers, both from a design and functionality perspective. Furthermore, CloudCart allows you not only to select from a subset of different themes but also fluidly customize the theme you have selected.

This can be done by using all the options under My Store > Widgets and chose which component to add, remove or configure from each of the main component categories. 

The following widgets are available on this page:

Home page slider

Customers will first see the home page of your Store and we made it available to have full control of its appearance and functionality. You can easily set a variety of options and make the perfect first impression for your customers.
At My Store > Widgets > Slider, you can see the basic settings for all Sliders that you will add.
1.  Choosing the Image
The image can be chosen from Storage, Youtube, or an External Link:

2.  Source
You can choose the Slider to be added from a link within your store, for example:
3.  Link
From the dropdown menu, you can choose if you want your slide to be related with a link and if the link will lead to a specific store section.

4.  Desktop carousel content
That is the text on the Slider that you can personalize to your liking. Don't hesitate to add some catchy or shocking words, that will catch the customers' attention. Here is how that would look like in your store:
       5.  You can choose the position of the content from the below menus.

Carousel content horizontal position
Choose if the Carousel Content and the Caption will appear on the left, central, or right horizontal position.

       Carousel content vertical position
Choose if the Carousel Content** and the Caption will appear on top, middle, or bottom vertical position.

6.  Carousel

Amount and Full Width:
Choose the number of Sliders you want to have and whether they take up the whole page.

The caption is a text you can add to the slider. From the dropdown menu, you can choose if you would like to have a basic caption for your sliders. Its position cannot be changed, and this caption will appear on the bottom, in the middle of each slide.

The controls buttons (arrows) appear on the left and the right sides of each slider and allow your customers to change which page of the slider they want to see. From the dropdown menu, you can choose if your customers will have the option to move to the next/previous slider on your Home Page.

The Indicators appear on your Storefront as circled buttons on the lower area of the slider and show which slide page is currently being shown. Their position cannot be changed and they appear on the bottom, in the middle of each slide. You can choose from the dropdown menu whether the Indicators appear or not.

With this option, you can choose from the dropdown menu whether the slides will switch automatically or manually by the customers. If you choose “yes”, another three options will be available:

I. Interval (by seconds)
II. Cycle (continues from the start after the end)
III. Pause (does not continue after the last slide)

After setting all the options above, click Save Widget.

Banners (1 & 2)

When you active the banners, they would appear on your site, as such:
You can find them in My Store > Widgets > Banners 1/2
Activate/Deactivate Banners

To make your Banner(s) visible, click the Show Images button on the right side. To hide your Banner(s), click the toggle button on the left side.

You can set up to 6 Banners visible on your Home Page. Choose from the dropdown menu the amount of the Banners wanted.

1. Choose an image

Choose from the dropdown menu whether your image will be from your storage or external. If the image is from storage, click \+ add image, select the image wanted, and click Choose. If your image is external, copy the image location and paste it in the input box.

2. Link

Choose from the dropdown menu if you will set a link to the Banner and choose where you would like to link to redirect your Customers.

3. Caption

Fill the input box with the text that your Customers will see on your Banner image.

The options above should be set by every Banner you would like to have.

After customizing your Banners Top, click Save Widget.

An important part of your Customer relations is constantly providing them with information about your service and reminding them that they are always welcome to your Store. We offer you an easy way to show your Customers the accounts of your Store on different social networks.
1.  Fill in your social links

In My Store > Widgets > Social links you will see input boxes for the most popular social networks. Fill your social link below the social network you’d like to be shown in your Store.

2.  To enable a social link, click the toggle on the right side, to disable a social link, click the toggle on the left side.

After managing your social links, click Save Widget and your Customers are already able to follow your activities every day.