Writing unique meta titles and descriptions is part of the overall SEO optimization of an online store. The meta title and meta description inform search engines what the topic of your site is. This information is displayed in the search results and optimizing it increases the click-through rate (CTR). 

With the SEO Spinner app, you can bulk create meta titles and descriptions with whose help search engines will rank highly your online store. This is done by manipulating product, category and vendor data, using variables and adding unique keywords. 

In this section: 


Go to your admin panel and choose Apps > All Apps >SEO Spinner from the menu and press the Buy button.   

This app requires payment on a monthly basis.  


General overview

1. After successful payment, the following window will open:  

In the upper left corner, there are three tabs - Products, Categories and Brands. They are organized according to the same principle - they contain variables and conditions, so here we will look only at the Products tab. 

Below the tabs, on a yellow background, are listed the variables that can be used to create the meta tags. Click on a variable to copy it. 

The Products section has the most variables: 

  • product name 
  • SKU
  • category
  • store name
  • price
  • discounted price 
  • brand
  • weight  

With practice, you will learn to perform more complex tasks such as setting different conditions, specifying different variations for a given condition, etc. 

Adding a condition

You can add new conditions with the plus button located under the variables. The first condition exists by default. 

1. When creating a condition, you must first choose to which categories it will apply. You can choose as many categories as you want. This condition will apply to all products in these categories. 

It is not recommended to have duplicate categories in two or more conditions. 

2. Then, generate texts for SEO title and description by filling in the respective fields using standard text, variables or a combination of the two.

Creating a meta title

We will create an example meta title using variables for the product name, its price and vendor. The variables will be replaced with the actual product values.

If you have many products, you probably do not want to use one and the same pattern for all of them. You want there to be variation and for it to be random. For this purpose, one or more variations should be added to the condition.

Creating a meta description

When constructing the following meta description, the system will randomly select keywords to create unique texts. To do this, the different variants are surrounded by curly braces and separated from each other by | (the pipe sign) as shown below: 

When you are done, do not forget to press the Save condition button. 

Applying to records with existing meta information 

If you already have meta titles and descriptions on some or all products, enable the button that overrides old records to apply the new meta information you have generated.

Generating combinations

Press the Generate all combinations button to apply the conditions you have configured. 


Depending on how many products are being processed by the query, you may have to wait a while for the results to appear.  

Editing results

As the titles and descriptions are randomly generated, this is just one of the possible results for two products that the condition applies:  

The titles of both products are made as a result of the same variation - 'product' - 'price' - 'vendor', however, their descriptions differ- one begins with the verb 'Purchase' and the other - with 'Buy'.  

If you are unsatisfied with a result, you can edit or delete it. 

Finalizing the generated texts

When you have finished editing the texts, press the Finalize button, and you are done - the condition will apply to all products that meet it. If you navigate to Products > Products and open the editing page of Product 1, you will see the following up-to-date SEO configuration information

The SEO spinner allows you to work bulk with the entire product catalog or individual categories. You can manipulate the entire database without having to process specific categories or products individually. The same applies to categories and brands, with the difference that there are only three variables in the 'Categories' and 'Brands' tabs. With the SEO spinner, you can create unique SEO titles and descriptions thanks to the 'spinning mechanism', which randomizes the keywords, phrases and sentences you use.