The redirects are a tool, through which both search engines and end users are sent to a URL other than the specified one. If you already have an online store, setting up 301 Redirects is the easiest and fastest way to inform your customers as they will be directly forwarded to your new CloudCart store.

Where can I set up a 301 Redirect?

1.  Go into your account > Marketing > SEO > 301 Redirects.

2.  There you would see the following menu:
OLD URL ADDRESS - This empty field is meant for the URL address, that you want to be redirected onto the new one.

NEW URL ADDRESS - Here the new address needs to be placed. Whenever the old URL is visited, the new URL would be opened instead of the old one.

TYPE OF REDIRECT - This is where you choose the type of redirection you wish to use. Except for Manual Redirect and External, all other options in the drop-down menu, corresponding to a section of your CloudCart store.

If you are setting up a redirect from one section to another of the same domain name, you can do it without stating the domain name itself. As shown in the example below:

Importing redirects

1.  If you already have ready-to-go redirects in mind, you can import them from the top right-hand corner: Import redirects.
2.  You can add your CSV file with all the necessary links and CloudCart will import any new URLs. Importing allows you to easily and quickly set up all the old URLs to your new ones accordingly.