Redirects are a tool through which both search engines and end-users are directed to a different URL address than the one they specified. If you already have an online store, setting 301 Redirects is the easiest and quickest way to inform your customers because they will be directly redirected to your new store in CloudCart.

Before proceeding with the steps described below you need to go to the Settings > Domains section from the main menu and add the already existing domain whose old URL addresses you will set to redirect to the new ones. 

After adding the existing domain, go to your admin panel and from the main menu, choose Marketing > SEO > 301 Redirects 

Import redirects

1. Using the Import redirects button in the upper right corner, you can add your CSV file with all the necessary redirects. CloudCart will automatically import all new URL addresses. Importing allows you to easily and quickly set all old URL addresses to your new ones. 

When you create the file with the URL addresses in Excel or Google Sheets, it is important that it contains only two columns - one with the Old URLs and one with the New URLs. When you are done, you need to save it as a CSV file (comma-separated values). 

3. After you click on the Submit button, a window will open informing you that the file has been successfully uploaded and the contents are currently being imported. 

4. From Settings > Queue Jobs, you can track when the import is completed. How much this process will take depends on the file size. 

You can also check whether the import was successful from the Excel file by clicking on some of the old links. If they redirect you to the appropriate place in your store, then the import is successful. 

Manually add a redirect

1. Using the Add redirect button - you can manually put the old and new URL address respectively in the two empty fields that will appear. After you place the old URL first in the appropriate field, also select the Type of the redirect from the drop-down menu: 

  • Manual redirect – this option means that you have to manually put the new URL address in the corresponding field. 
  • All other options from the drop-down menu corresponding to the section you want the URL to redirect. In this way, the field under New URL address will open another drop-down menu to select the specific item to which your customers will be redirected. 

2. To save the changes you have made, click on the Save button in the upper right corner.

Management of 301 redirects 

You can filter the redirects by type (manual, external, product, category, vendor, blog), as well as search by URL and name from the search bar.