Brands are the manufacturers (or suppliers) of the products you offer. Brands allow you to organize and give your product specification, indicating their production. This allows your customers to easily search and differentiate the products in your store. 

As the heading suggests, this article will help you to add brands to your products. Since our system re-sizes and optimized all images, the brand's images of your store would always look professional.

Adding a Brand

Go to Products > Brands in your control panel. Then click on Add brand
1.  Name and URL - Write the desired name of your in the input box. Writing the Name will automatically fill the URL handle (the site address) on the right side of the screen.

2.  Description - Write a Description so that your Customers can have detailed information about it. The description text can be configured with styles, different fonts, different formats, etc.

3.  Upload a Logo of your Brand, clicking on Select File.

4.  SEO page title - Write the SEO page title in the input box under SEO Title.

5.  SEO meta description - Write the SEO meta description in the input box.

Adding the created brand to a product

1.  After creating the brand, it would immediately appear as a list.
2.  To add a brand, please go into separate products and choose the desired brand for each one.