CloudCart is a platform that stores almost all the information that goes through it, this includes all products ordered and their quantity. By analyzing the available database for your sales, you get extensive information on what your most sought after and profitable products are. In this section, you will also be able to see the turnover generated by individual products.

Where do I find the ordered products in my store?

1.  Log in to your control panel > Orders > Ordered Products. You will find all the products sold there:
2.  Product - here you can see all the products that have been ordered in your store. The product variants, properties, and SKUs are further visualized. Each variety will be like a new product, on a new row.

3.  Orders involving the product - this column takes into account all orders containing the specific product

4.  Price - respectively the price per unit of the specific product

5.  Quantity - number of products sold of the particular type

6.  The supplier with the cheapest price - If you have Suppliers, this last column shows the one who supplies the product at the lowest price.


In the top right-hand corner of your page, you would see an Export button, which lets you export all of your ordered products in the form of a CSV file.