If you want your customers to be able to pay in your online store with their credit and / or debit cards, and you to receive the money in your account immediately, CloudCart offers you an easy and fast solution. Activate payments via Virtual POS Terminal - myPOS from the section Settings > Payments in the administrative panel of your store in just a few steps.

Activation and Settings

The first thing you need to do is contact myPos https://www.mypos.eu and make an agreement with them. They will provide you with the information you need (Store ID, Wallet Number, Private Key, myPOS Public Certificate, Test Key Index) to enter in the myPos settings fields in your CloudCart store.

1. To configure this payment method, go to your admin panel, Settings > Payments, and select myPos > Configure.

2. After entering the settings, in the first section, enter the name of the service (by default is myPos, you can add text or change it), and you can also select another logo for this service.

3. In the next section Test mode, you will find a "Live Mode" button, which must remain off until all test payments have been successfully completed and a myPOS technical team notifies you that you can now activate your terminal in a real environment.

4. In the next section Settings Test, enter all the data in the appropriate fields:

  • Store ID - After concluding a contract with myPos you will receive this number. You can see it in your online banking at www.mypos.eu> E-commerce menu> Online stores.

  • Private Key - This key is generated in your online banking at www.mypos.eu> menu Online> Online stores > Keys

  • myPos Public Certificate - this certificate can be downloaded in your online banking at www.mypos.eu> menu Online > Online stores > Keys.
  • Key Index - You will find the key index assigned to the certificate in your online banking at www.mypos.eu> menu Online > Online stores > Keys.

  • Save Card - if you turn on this button it means that the customer's card will be saved for future payments via myPos. Once a customer has used this payment method in your store, chooses this payment method again, his card will now be saved for myPos.

In the checkout, the customer's card will be saved for faster completion of the order:

By default, this option is disabled. If you want to use the method with a tokenized card, myPOS will need to test and evaluate the usage (whether in your website or in-app) and enable the functionality in Production Envrironment.

5. Acceptance of payments based on the amount of the order - in this section you can set a minimum and maximum order amount at which this payment method is active and visible to the customers when they choose this payment method.

6. Discount when paying with myPos - you can give a discount (specific amount or percentage) to your customers to encourage them to use this method of payment.

Card payments reduce the risk of returning or cancelling the order, which is common when the customer chooses cash on delivery upon receipt of the goods.In addition, the possibility of damage to the goods during transport must be taken into account, especially if you are selling higher-value products. Therefore, we recommend that you encourage your customers to choose card payments with a small discount.

Once you have filled in and saved the required information, you are ready to make your first test payments in your store.

Here you will find a list of test card numbers that work ONLY in a test environment:

Card TypeCard Number
VISA Electron4002880000000005

On the checkout page, you should enter just any name, 3 digit CVC code, and expiration date that is sometime in the future!


Name: TEST

CVC: 111

Expiry: 12/2020

Please note that if you edit / replace / add products that participate in already paid orders or change the applied discounts, this may lead to a discrepancy in the amounts.