General Introduction

With this service, you will refresh and give a new and modern look to your existing online store, which will faithfully and accurately reflect the presentation of your brand and products.
Our CloudCart Redesign service is exactly what you need to attract more customers and make your store more attractive and functional.

What our Redesign service includes:

✔ Analysis of the current design and functionality of your store;
✔ Changing colors, fonts, and styles to create a harmonious and modern look;
✔ Optimization of images and icons to load faster and convey a professional image of your brand;
✔ Changing the structure and navigation of the store, for easier customer orientation;
✔ Adding new visuals and banners to highlight important products and promotions;
✔ Update of static pages such as "About Us" and "Contacts", for a better presentation of your business;
✔ Mobile optimization to ensure seamless customer experience from any device.

The benefits for you will be:

✔ You get a new, fresh and professional design that reflects the uniqueness of your business;

✔ Your store will look more modern and attractive to customers;

✔ Visual elements will be tailored to the content and goals of your store;

✔ The design will be aimed at increasing sales and conversion;

✔ Your store will be optimized for devices with different resolutions, which will improve the user experience;

✔ You will get closer to your target market and customers through attractive and unique design.

Before we perform the service, it is necessary:

✔ To provide information about your current store and what you want us to change;
✔ To complete our >Design Questionnaire<, which you will receive after purchasing the service;
✔ To provide all materials (logo in vector format, photos, banner texts and more) that you want to be included in your store redesign.

Note: finished work files are not shared with clients.

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