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Mokka is a convenient payment solution that allows your customers to buy goods today, and pay later - up to 30 days later, or split the payment into convenient parts. It is a stand-alone service that does not require users to have a bank account or payment card.

When Mokka user registers on their website, they receive an individual purchase amount that they can use on their partners' stores, such as your CloudCart store. After the customer has used part or all of his amount in Mokka, he can return it as he wishes - at a time convenient for him, according to a selected plan.

There are no hidden costs and Mokka users can easily keep track of all their transaction information in the Customer Dashboard. Registering with Mokka takes a minute; you only need a phone number and your ID information.

Add Mokka to your CloudCart store

To add the payment method go to Settings > Payments and from the list of methods search for and select "Mokka"


After installing the payment method, activate it.

You have now added the payment method to the store and it is time to set the basic settings.

You need to add the following:

  • Service name visible to your customers
  • Service logo
  • Description visible when selecting Mokka as a payment method

Once you have finished entering the data - use the "Save" button in the upper right corner.

You can use the payment method in a Test Environment

It is recommended that you test the payment method in a "Test Environment" before you start accepting customer payments.

To use the "Test mode" it is important to set the "LIVE MODE" switch to the "OFF" position.


In the settings field, you can add Store ID, and Secret Key and choose for which country you want to set Mokka.

The rest of the data (store ID, Secret key) in the settings field that you see in the picture below are obtained from Mokka.

Finalize the Mokka settings

At this step, you can set a minimum and maximum range for the amounts accepted for the order. If the value in the customer cart does not match these amounts, then Mokka will not be an active payment method.

If you choose, you can also offer a discount to customers who choose to use Mokka by adjusting the settings in the next field.

With this last step, you are ready to use Mokka as a new payment method in your CloudCart store and create an even better customer experience for your customers.