"Vali Computers" is one of the leading IT companies in Bulgaria. They are a leader with 30 years in the information technology market and proven reliabilty. The company is an official importer of over 85 brands of high-tech products and is distinguished by a wide product range with over 10,000 active items. "Valley Computers" Ltd. owns a partner company with seven own offices in the country and direct sales outlets in other settlements, which ensures national coverage.

Thanks to the integration that CloudCart has with Vali Computers, you can start selling products from the company's rich catalog in your store in a few easy steps.

In this article you will find:

Activate the application Vali Computers

To add the application to your store, you need to go to Apps > All Apps > And select Vali Computers.

Then you press the "Install" button.


In the next step, you will need an API key - you get it from Vali Computers.

It's time to activate the app with the button in the upper right corner and do the following 2 steps.

  • Choose an identifier in CloudCart - it can be an SKU or Barcode.
  • Choose an identifier in Vali Computers - it can be a Model or a Barcode.

Get the price from - here, you can choose between delivery or end customer price.

For the "Action" field, the options are as follows:

  • Import and Synchronize - selecting this option will import all Vali Computers products, including newly created ones in the future. Data on product statuses and prices will be synchronized.
  • Sync Only - product statuses and price data will be synced without importing products that cannot be found as IDs.

IMPORTANT! Please note the following - categories are downloaded as soon as they are selected, but the product synchronization and import occur every 8 hours.

Selecting the import and sync option will reveal additional settings for the products. At Vali Computers, there is a product setting that determines whether or not a product is visible to customers.

In the CloudCart store, we added an option to import those products. If the option is on, then only products marked as visible to customers will be imported. If the option is off, all products will be imported.

You can also import products from a specific category or multiple categories from Vali, and of course, you can choose to import all categories.

Import products with status - you can select products with certain statuses to be imported.

There are different product categories in Vali Computers. The same categories can also be created and used in CloudCart if the setting option - "Import categories from Vali Computers" is enabled. If you choose to import categories from Vali Computers, then all products from the selected categories and their subcategories will be imported.

If you choose to import categories from Vali Computers we will show you how to manually choose (if necessary) which Vali Computers category should be imported into which of the category that is already existing in your CloudCard store. You can find more information at the end of this article.

If the setting is off, you will see a dropdown menu to select a category from those already existing in your CloudCart store, so you can import the products into the selected category.

At Vali Computers, all items do not have quantities but have statuses, the possible statuses are:

  • Not available
  • Available
  • On the road
  • Limited Quantity
  • By order only

Setting the quantities

It's time to set a quantity to import/sync the products to CloudCart, depending on the status of the products from Vali Computers.

At the end of the page, you can find a button called "Category settings". After pressing this button a new window will open.

In the new menu have the option to add a markup in % for all products belonging to the different categories via the "Change" button

Edit the markup percentage as you wish and save the markup by selecting the "Change" button, if you do not want to save your changes, then select the "Cancel" button.If you have chosen to import the products with their categories from Vali Computers, you will also find a "CloudCart category" field which will allow you to manually change which of the Vali Computers category should be imported into which of the existing category in your CloudCart store.

In this new step, you can change the CloudCart's category in which the products belonging to the Vali Computers category will be imported.

Once you've set the markup percentages you want to add and have edited the CloudCart categories in which you will import the new items (only necessary if you choose to import the categories from Vali Computers), all that's left to do is finalize the app's settings. 

Return back to the previous screen by clicking on the button "To settings".

After reviewing and ensuring that you have set all the necessary settings correctly, select the “Save Settings” button to start using the integration.