WorkFlow is an enterprise resource planning software developed by Businessoft Corporation. It is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses automate their key business processes, streamline their operations, and improve their overall efficiency.

Workflow ERP allows the export of any information and the corresponding possibility of importing information from another system. This ensures the introduction and management of information in a single information system and its reuse more than once.

Such an example is the two-way connection that CloudCart has with the ERP system. This means that all information about products, stocks, prices, discounts from Workflow is sennding to CloudCart and information about placed orders, ordered products and customers is sending from CloudCart to Workflow. 

Through the WorkFlow ERP application and the integration that CloudCart has, you can easily connect your store to this ERP system.

Getting started

Log in to your admin panel, go to Apps > All Apps section, select Workflow and click the Buy button. 

This app requires payment on an annual basis.


1. After successful payment, set the app settings and activate it from the ON/OFF button. 

  • Host- address for synchronization with WorkFlow ERP. 
  • Username - in this field enter your WorkFlow ERP username. 
  • Passwordenter your password in WorkFlow ERP.
  • Port - enter the port that connects to the server. The application is installed on a specific server, it is not cloud-based. 
  • Has SSL - Include this setting if you have an SSL certificate installed on your store.

  • Enter the path of the file from which the products will be imported  
  • Enter The path of the file where the orders will be imported from CloudCart 

  • Compare by - Choose which parameter to compare the imported products to avoid duplication.

  • Publish imported products - enable the option if you want all imported products to be automatically published. If you want to view/edit them, don't turn this option on. 
  • Publish products as featured - Posted products will be marked as "featured".
  • Publish Products as new - Posted products will be marked as "new".
  • The quantity of each imported product must be tracked - if this option is enabled, the quantity of each imported product will be tracked by the system. When a product is sold, the quantity will be subtracted from the total product quantity. 
  • Continue selling - imported products whose quantity is "0" will continue to be available and customers will be able to order them regardless of the quantity being "0". This option is good to be enabled only if you know that you regularly receive goods and will be able to fulfil the orders. 

You now have everything you need to optimize your processes with WorkFlow ERP.