SelMatic ERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software developed by SelMatic, a technology company based in Poland. The software is designed to provide a complete solution to manage your business and save you time and effort on your part.

SelMatic ERP allows the export of any information and the corresponding possibility of importing any information from another system. This ensures the introduction and management of information in a single information system and its reuse more than once.

Such an example is the two-way connection that CloudCart has with the ERP system. This meant that all the information available in the ERP about the item, such as description, dimensions, price, availability, etc., is automatically imported and an item is created in the online store, and every placed order in your store directly generates a sales document in the ERP the system.

Through the SelMatic ERP application and the integration that CloudCart has, you can easily connect your store to this ERP system.

Getting started

Log in to your admin panel, go to Apps > All Apps section, select SelMatic connection and click the Buy button. 

This app requires payment on an annual basis.


1. After successful payment, set the app settings and activate it from the ON/OFF button. 

  • Host- address for synchronization with SelMatic ERP. 
  • Username - in this field enter your SelMatic ERP username. 
  • Passwordenter your password in SelMatic ERP.
  • Port - enter the port that connects to the server. The application is installed on a specific server, it is not cloud-based. 
  • Images base URL - get the relevant image link from SelMatic and paste it into this field. 
  • Id of the folder containing the images in Google Drive - sometimes ERP systems work with google drive, in that case, you need to take the folder's id with the photos and put it in this field. 

  • Show SelMatic Id in the short description - you can enable this option if you want the ID of the products from SelMatic to be included in the short description. 
  • Add the additional description in the short one - again here you can decide whether to enable this option. 
  • Fields to be updated upon a change in the ERP - you can select one or more fields to be updated when information changes occur in SelMatic. 

  • Choose a discount -  you can select a discount to be applied to product prices or create one from the relevant button. 

  • Choose a unique identifier for comparison - Choose a unique identifier to compare the products in your store and the SelMatic warehouse software. Products with an identical ID will be updated, thus avoiding duplicate products. 

The following settings can be enabled according to your business needs and desires: 

In these fields, you need to fill in information about the IDs of each of the specified values (price, availability sizes, brands, etc.). These IDs must be provided to you by SelMatic, without this information the sync will not work. 

After saving the settings, a window opens that shows whether the task is active, when it was last executed, and when it will be executed again.  

From the "Restart import" button all information from SelMatic will be retrieved again. 

You now have everything you need to optimize your processes with SelMatic ERP.