General introduction

The "Additional Design development" service is intended for customers looking for some design amendments but not full redesign. The corrections should be possible through the design templates' capabilities, without needing CSS code. These can be: changing sections on the home page; changing colors, icon design etc. 

The service is not suitable for a complete store redesign.

Service conditions

Design services are based on a consultation with one of the following departments - Sales or Project Coordinators

Execution deadline

Deadline execution*: 10 work days Due to unforeseen circumstances, CloudCart reserves the right to extend the deadline by 5 work days. 

Corrections execution**: Up to 7 work days. The client has the right to one-time corrections. 

*Deadline execution applies in cases everything sent by your side is submitted within the particular timeline. 

**Additional corrections sent outside of the agreed deadline, are charged on a per-assignment basis. 

Request the service

To request the service, please contact the sales team at