General Introduction

The banners/sliders are of extreme importance because they lead the client to the products you want them to review first.

The service offers a great presentation of your newest products, services or offers in order to catch your customer's attention and provoke him to place an order.

Service conditions

Before we execute the service it is necessary:

  • To fill in our Questionnaire which you are going to receive after the payment of the service
  • Upload your materials (work files or sample banners) to our Google Drive folder.

    After completing the questionnaire (and uploading the materials to the Google Drive folder), your project coordinator will review the submitted information and contact you.

*Any images that you want to be used can be added to a specific folder provided by CloudCart.

What is included in the service:

✔ Creation of banners that achieve the store's goals;

✔ Formatting the banners in a way that will match your needs. Please note that our initial offer includes the production of one advertising image (creative) in two formats - for example for desktop and mobile devices.

Additional formats are charged separately.

✔ Banners will be tailored to your preferences and store design.

✔ The finished design will be formatted in .jpg format, but we can send it to you in .png format if required.

Execution deadline

Execution deadline of the service*: 10 workdays

Due to unforeseen circumstances, CloudCart holds the right, to extend the execution deadline with up to 5 work days.

Corrections execution**: 

Up to 7 work days. A client has the right to one-time corrections.

*Deadline execution applies in cases where everything sent by your side is submitted within the particular timeline.

**Additional corrections sent outside of the agreed deadline, are charged on a per-assignment basis.

Забележка: готовите работни файлове не се споделят с клиентите.

Request service

To request the service, click the button below: