General Introduction

Settings & configurations from our team will save you a substantial time investment necessary for the startup of 

your shop. The service includes configuring all the settings needed to run a successful store.

What do we expect from your side?

For the full execution of the service, it is necessary to send us the registration details for some applications, as well as 

your specific preferences for some of the settings through a Questionnaire which CloudCart will send you upon service payment completion.

The service includes

Configuration of the following settings in your online store: 

✔ Cart and checkout page settings - so your customers can finalize their orders quickly and conveniently in your store.

✔ Google Maps API configuration - this integration allows you to locate your customers and auto-populate their shipping information. Which will further improve their UX (user experience) with the store and increase your sales.

✔ Configure payment methods - before we set up your virtual POS terminal, you need to sign a contract with a bank and open an account, preferably once your store is up and running.

✔ Configuring shipping methods - Before we set up the methods, you need to select the shipping companies you will be working with and provide us with your company's ecommerce account details.

✔ Configure the GDPR application - This will provide you with the necessary legal documents and functionality to collect customer agreements.

✔ Connecting the domain to your new store - The domain is the address that users enter into the browser to reach the store.

✔ Configuring an SSL certificate for secure checkout - An SSL certificate is essential to ensure the security and protection of user data entered into the online store.

✔ Configure chat, phone and email apps - So you can answer all your customers' questions and even make sales over the phone or in chat.

✔ Marketing tools (Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel) set up in your store with profiles you've created - We'll help you with everything you need to get ready for the store so your marketing efforts are effective and you can start selling without technical limitations.

✔ Navigation menu setup tips - our experienced team will give you e-commerce tips proven in practice.

Execution deadline

Execution deadline*: 10 work days

Due to unforeseen circumstances, CloudCart reserves the right to extend the execution deadline with up to

5 work days.

*Execution deadline applies if all required information has been received by our team correctly.

Request service

To request the service, click the button below:

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