General introduction

The goal of every marketing landing page is to convert users into buyers. It is usually used to promote a certain product, seasonal promotion, bank holiday sale, etc.

Service description: Creating visual elements, icons, up to three banners and adding specific information provided by the client.

Read our article dedicated to the importance of dedicated for to the eCommerce purpose landing pages.


*You need to fill out the Questionnaire which you will receive after the payment of the service

*Any additional text or images which you want to be used can be added to a specific folder provided by CloudCart.

Execution deadline of the service

Execution deadline of the service*: 10 work days

Due to unforeseen circumstances, CloudCart holds the right, to extend the execution deadline with up to 5 work days.

Corrections execution**: 

Up to 7 work days. Client has the right to one-time corrections.

*Deadline execution applies in cases everything sent by your side is submitted within the particular timeline.

**Additional corrections sent outside of the agreed deadline, are charged on a per-assignment basis.

Request service

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